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About me

I am an experienced PMO analyst, specialising in Public Sector. I have been working in this field for the past 15 years and have gained valuable knowledge and skills in this domain.

Resource Management Data Analysis Project Management
Data AnalysisProblem SolvingProject ManagementResource Management
Sep, 2022
pmo analyst
Public SectorPublic Sector
Transport for London
I have worked across a variety of initiatives; business change, programmes and projects, agile and waterfall. I have excellent interpersonal skills and a critical thinking approach to problem-solving. My responsibilities include ensuring appropriate governance processes are followed, engaging with stakeholders, maintaining the RAID log, and maintaining project data. My achievements include supporting 20 projects, providing PMO support, embedding improvement, and adhering to standards.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Ensure governance processes
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Maintain RAID log
  • Maintain project data
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Support 20 projects
  • Provide PMO support
  • Embed improvement
  • Adhere to standards
Apr, 2021
Feb, 2022
pmo analyst
Public SectorPublic Sector
Government Digital Services
My responsibilities included ensuring the correct governance controls were in place and procedures were tracked and embedded, supporting the resource management process, acting as secretariate for the sponsorship board, and monitoring cluster discovery governance. My achievements included reporting on the progress of the Programme, establishing strong collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, engaging with Government Shared Services and other similar Government Programmes to adopt best practice and lessons learnt, and proactively monitoring cluster discovery governance.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Ensure governance controls
  • Track deliverables progress
  • Support resource management
  • Act as sponsorship board secretariate
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reported progress of Programme
  • Established stakeholder relationships
  • Adopted best practice
  • Monitored cluster discovery governance
Aug, 2020
Mar, 2021
report building analyst
Public SectorPublic Sector
As a Report building analyst I have been responsible for ensuring the integrity of data used by the Reporting Team and designing, developing and maintaining reports and reporting templates that meet the Business needs. I have also been responsible for leading on initiatives to obtain data for the creation of new and improvements to existing reports, as well as presenting information through data visualisation and supporting on continuous improvement initiatives. I have achieved this by monitoring key performance indicators and scorecards, producing quality reports and dashboards, ensuring legal compliance, and highlighting any anomalies.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Assessing requests
  • Gathering requirements
  • Delivering end-product
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Monitoring KPIs
  • Producing quality reports
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Highlighting anomalies
Jun, 2007
Jan, 2018
mi&kpi analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Data Analysis
As a Management Information and Service Provider KPI analyst, my responsibilities have included producing effective management reporting systems that handle, measure, and analyse large volumes of data, monitoring processes and performance to ensure compliance with KPIs and statutory agreements, as well as interrogating data from multiple systems such as IBM Cognos. I have also worked as part of a team and on my own to identify and implement improved ways of working, both internally and externally with Service Providers, through benchmarking, data validation and audit exercises.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Produce reporting systems
  • Interrogate data
  • Monitor processes/performance
  • Identify/implement improvements
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed/managed MI/SP KPI analysis
  • Data validation/audit exercises
  • Large volume data handling/measurement/analysis
  • Compliance with KPIs/statutory agreements
Jan, 2019
Jun, 2020
performance analyst
I have been responsible for measuring, evaluating, and reporting on organisational performance. I have also created operational performance dashboards to support service delivery and identification of any areas of under-performance. My achievements include developing effective management information reports, improving data quality, producing business critical insights and data analysis, and monitoring performance and conducting trend analysis. I am confident that my skills and experience will be an asset to the organisation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Measure performance
  • Evaluate performance
  • Report performance
  • Create dashboards
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed management reports
  • Improved data quality
  • Produced insights
  • Monitored performance
Jan, 2018
Jan, 2019
strategic analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Strategic Consulting
As a Strategic Analyst I have successfully worked with MIME Consultancy to review current processes, procedures and defined new requirements so that a more effective and sustainable solution was established in data reporting. I have developed and maintained performance management tools and statistical analysis reporting in line with performance needs. I have also promoted a performance culture across the Department by ensuring metrics were established, routinely monitored, and used to drive service and outcome improvements. My role also involved providing expert, robust, and informed analysis and advice to aid the strategic decision-making process including high quality trend data and forecast information.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Real time monitoring of business operations
  • Drive performance and service delivery
  • Provide analysis and advice
  • Establish metrics and monitor
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reviewed processes and procedures
  • Developed performance management tools
  • Promoted performance culture
  • Provided expert analysis and advice