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Financial Services Financial Services
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About me

I am an experienced transformation project lead with a passion for driving change and creative problem solving. I have extensive experience in leading multinational teams to reach their highest potential, and have a proven track record of success in improving business performance in diverse markets. I thrive on challenging myself and others to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Business Transformation Change Management Stakeholder Management Leadership
Business Process ImprovementBusiness StrategyBusiness TransformationChange ManagementContract NegotiationDigital TransformationLeadershipProgram ManagementRegulatory ComplianceRisk ManagementStakeholder Management
Jan, 2022
project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Privately owned hedge fund
Provided operational and risk management services to a small, privately owned hedge fund. Responsible for company formation and establishing internal governance and systems of internal control. Delivered business model, processes and control to ensure smooth running of the fund.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Company formation
  • Business model, processes and control delivery
  • Internal governance establishment
  • Internal control systems implementation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully incorporated company
  • Established business services across operations and risk management
  • Developed effective internal governance and control systems
  • Delivered smooth running of the fund
Jan, 2020
Dec, 2021
director consulting enabling functions
Audit and Advisory Firm
Led the design and implementation of a global digital transformation, strategy consulting and risk and regulation advisory offshore strategy. Grew offshore capacity by 500%, resulting in A$300m savings. Facilitated operational and budgeting processes, supported remote teams with business development and skill-based training and examined the impact of cognitive cultural bias.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Establishing people, culture and delivery processes
  • Driving operational and budgeting processes
  • Supporting remote teams
  • Examining cognitive cultural bias
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 500% increase in offshore capacity
  • A$300m savings
  • Correct time recording
  • Correct cost centre alignments
Jan, 2018
May, 2019
project manager brexit
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Health and Travel Insurance
Managed the design and execution of a program to establish a non-UK insurance company based in the European Union within a challenging and fixed deadline. This involved managing business and regulatory strategy approval, establishing target operating model and service capabilities, and reporting to Programme Working Groups, the Bupa Board, Central Bank of Ireland, Programme Steering Committee and other Group/Business Units. Led a team of over 50 project resources and successfully achieved authorization for non-life insurance business ahead of schedule.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Delivery of a new EU insurance carrier and claims provider
  • Management of business and regulatory strategy approval
  • Establishment of supporting target operating model and service capabilities
  • Migration of business from UK to European subsidiary
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful authorization for non-life insurance business ahead of schedule
  • Formation of a high-performing team
  • Recruitment of C-Level executives based in European subsidiary
  • Contract negotiation with third party service providers
Jan, 2017
Dec, 2017
project manager brexit
Insurance provider
Delivered strategic corporate restructuring solutions to Hiscox plc, a UK based insurance provider, to facilitate the transfer of insurance policy renewal rights and associated headcount in response to Brexit regulations. Led a high-performing team of executives, employees, specialists and external advisors, and reported to the Board of directors. Prepared regulatory license applications.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Lead program to appraise strategic restructuring options
  • Design solutions to establish target operating models
  • Form high-performing teams
  • Chair Steering Committee
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Achieved effective and efficient establishment of target operating models
  • Formed quality teams
  • Submitted successful regulatory license applications
  • Reported to Board of Directors
Jan, 2010
Dec, 2016
project manager workstream lead
Global retail banking
Led the sale and divestment of a portfolio of banking subsidiaries valued at over $300m in 13 countries. Chaired Project Working Groups, executed business exit strategies, negotiated contracts, defined and delivered implementation plans, headed 'Command & Control' function, formed high-performing teams, designed and delivered target operating models, led risk teams and ensured transparent management.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Chairing Project Working Groups
  • Executing business exit strategies
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Defining and delivering implementation plans
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Realised aggressive investment targets
  • Met challenging delivery timelines
  • Formed high-performing teams
  • Ensured transparent risk management