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Scrum Master
Financial Services Financial Services Technology Technology
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I’m a highly experienced Project Management professional with 15+ years of expertise in Digital Transformation, System Implementation, Software Development, improvement projects, IT Services, IT Operations migrations and IT & Business change programmes. I have a track record of successfully leading 40+ major enterprise projects and multiple IT and business programmes. I’m an entrepreneurial and commercially astute individual with extensive experience across industries. I’m analytical, meticulous, systematic and investigative and have a proven ability to manage stakeholder expectations, distributed teams and ensure collaboration and excellent communication. I’m a recognised leading talent in the digital technology sector.

Stakeholder Management Process Improvement Project Management Agile Coaching
Agile CoachingLeadershipOrganizational ChangeProblem SolvingProcess ImprovementProject ManagementQuality ManagementSolution DesignStakeholder Management
Jan, 2022
Jul, 2023
senior agile project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Agile Projects
As a Senior Agile Project Manager with two years of experience, I have managed Payments System Programme with migration to a new Service Provider, Transition to microservices and adding new SCA features to be aligned with PSD2. I have also managed Salesforce Marketing Cloud and API integration projects successfully with the Marketing team to manage campaigns and customer communications. I have led end-to-end project delivery with cross-functional team management and stakeholder management skills in a matrix organization using Scaled Agile Methodology. I have ensured project success within SAFE methodology through Agile Release Trains and was responsible for project timelines, project outcomes, business readiness, release and rollout plans.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing Payments System Programme
  • Transitioning to microservices
  • Adding SCA features
  • Managing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and API integration
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully managed projects
  • Led end-to-end project delivery
  • Ensured project success within SAFE methodology
  • Responsible for project timelines, project outcomes, business readiness, release and rollout plans
Apr, 2021
Jan, 2022
operational improvement manager
Operational Improvement
As an Operational Improvement Manager, I have been responsible for leading and coaching Agile Transformation to increase business agility, designing Agile Way of Working for the CSI team, updating and redesigning CSI Improvement Delivery Process flow, Pre-demand Process flow, and Continual Service Improvement Work Instruction documents within waterfall methodology, managing operational improvement projects, automation in system infrastructure, processes, monitoring and ticketing tools within targeted budget, quality, timeline.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading and coaching Agile Transformation
  • Designing Agile Way of Working
  • Updating and redesigning Process flows
  • Managing operational improvement projects
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Increased business agility
  • Automation in system infrastructure
  • Processes, monitoring and ticketing tools within budget, quality, timeline
  • Pre-demand Process flow
Jan, 2020
Apr, 2021
founder director project manager
Project Management Technology and Consultancy
As a Founder director project manager, I have founded Toluns Project Management Technology and Consultancy Ltd with the mission of helping clients to bring IT projects to life and boosting value for client organizations. My responsibilities include providing IT products and services focusing on web-mobile applications-platforms, data analytics, and data science, as well as Agile Coaching, Training and Project Management services to clients. My achievements include working with international partners to provide OTT solutions, IoT Platforms, sales management platforms, corporate communication platforms, Fraud Management systems, and Predictive models.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Providing IT products and services
  • Focusing on web-mobile applications-platforms
  • Data analytics and data science
  • Agile Coaching, Training and Project Management services
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Working with international partners
  • OTT solutions, IoT Platforms
  • Sales management platforms
  • Corporate communication platforms
Sep, 2015
May, 2020
senior it project manager and scrum master
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
IT Project Management
As a Senior IT Project Manager and Scrum Master, I have implemented best practices and created game-changing projects, initiated innovative technology projects, led complex system integrations, managed Agile teams, monitored projects, and led IT infrastructure projects. I have attained a high level of customer satisfaction and enabled estimated cost and time. I have also contributed to Agile Transformation and facilitated and tracked Scrum events.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Implementing best practices
  • Initiating innovative technology projects
  • Leading complex system integrations
  • Managing Agile teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Enabled estimated cost and time
  • Agile Transformation
  • Facilitating and tracking Scrum events
Nov, 2010
Sep, 2015
itil project manager and process consultant
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
IT consulting
In this role, I have managed implementation of ITIL processes and significantly contributed to various IT Service Desk, Call Centre projects and IT services for clients in various sectors across 10+ countries. I have analysed, designed, and improved Call Centre, Service Desk projects for clients. I have led improvement projects, identified weaknesses within the current process, defined room for improvements, managed tool customisations, as a result, operational efficiency, KPIs were improved. I have designed new operating models, initiated and led service improvements, ITIL implementation including Change Management Office, Capacity Management, Service Validation Testing processes. I have contributed to solution design, TOM, provided hands-on support for a complex IT service desk transformation from 7 EEA countries to a centralised IT Service Desk. I have also designed centralised HR operations and managed the migration. I have contributed to Lean Management Projects to increase efficiency in IT departments.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed implementation of ITIL processes
  • Analysed, designed, and improved Call Centre, Service Desk projects
  • Led improvement projects and identified weaknesses
  • Defined room for improvements and managed tool customizations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved operational efficiency and KPIs
  • Designed new operating models and initiated service improvements
  • Contributed to solution design and TOM
  • Managed migration of HR operations
Nov, 2008
Nov, 2010
organization and project management specialist
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Multi-line insurer
I have been a Organization and project management specialist with 2 years of experience working for Zurich, a leading multi-line insurer. My responsibilities included managing IT and business projects with deep insurance knowledge, processes, and IT systems, being responsible for Quality Management with workflows, instructions, procedures, role definitions, and user guidelines, managing Authorization and Authentication in core IT system, and being involved in organizational re-design and changes working with HR. My achievements included decreasing claims payment time by 45%, implementing Internal Control Framework, developing Disaster Recovery Centre Plan, and managing Lean project in Zurich.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing IT and business projects
  • Quality Management
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Organizational re-design and changes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Decreased claims payment time by 45%
  • Implemented Internal Control Framework
  • Developed Disaster Recovery Centre Plan
  • Managing Lean project