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Project Manager
Financial Services Financial Services
Financial Crime and Compliance Financial Crime and Compliance Regulatory Change Regulatory Change System Implementation System Implementation
About me

With a proven track record of working on an Agile, RAD (rational application development) and V Model methodology within Change Management / Transformation Programmes. I am familiar with and have manual testing, Integration testing methods, UAT, writing Test Plans, Test Completion Reports, Defect Management and Business Analyst experience. I have gained over 10 years of experience working within the Banking, Insurance and Media sector across a variety of different roles. I have great Project Management skills, Business Analytical skills, problem solving, communication, interpersonal and organisation skills. With my risk management skills I am able to Identify, articulate, measure and manage risk effectively. I am a team player with strong abilities to complete and deliver a plan on schedule.

Defect Management Project Management Test Planning Data Migration
Data MigrationDefect ManagementProject ManagementTest Planning
Nov, 2022
portfolio test manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Insurance Solutions Provider
Responsible for the successful delivery of seven projects as part of AON Insurance's Modelling Review Programme, including data migration, business validation, API reporting, FLOW, CAT and portfolio systems. Developed and implemented a comprehensive test strategy, wrote test scripts, conducted test readiness reviews, managed defect management process, and created daily test dashboards. Produced test completion reports and acted as the point of contact for all testing related matters.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed test strategy
  • Wrote test scripts
  • Conducted test readiness reviews
  • Managed defect management process
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created daily test dashboards
  • Produced test completion reports
  • Acted as point of contact for testing
  • Implemented release schedule
Feb, 2022
Nov, 2022
project manager test manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional Services
The applicant was responsible for delivering and testing a Help to Buy portfolio worth £20bn, migrating 300,000 Equity Loan records from one provider to another. They wrote the overall MAP Test Strategy, oversaw the build and test of the administration Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and refined and improved Quality Standards, Testing Methodology, control and reporting strategies. They also led the Data Migration strategy, Extract Transform Load (ETL) process, implemented a Defect Management Process, organised test automation, created E2E requirements / scenarios, and plan and lead execution of End to End Testing (E2E) across multiple Systems and Technology teams.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Project Managing the Digital and Testing workstream
  • Lead Data Migration strategy
  • Implemented Defect Management Process
  • Organised test automation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Wrote the overall MAP Test Strategy
  • Refined & improved Quality Standards
  • Created E2E requirements / scenarios
  • Plan and lead execution of End to End Testing (E2E)
May, 2021
Feb, 2022
product owner test manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional Services
A professional with experience in Financial Crime and Compliance, delivering and testing new features from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) Programme. Liaised with Google to produce forecasting results on future deployments, created supporting documentation, wrote the overall DRA Test Strategy, refined and improved Testing Methodology, control and reporting strategies, lead engagement with Product teams, created End to End requirements and scenarios, and produced value and benefits documentation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Delivering and testing GCP features
  • Liaising with Google
  • Creating supporting documentation
  • Writing Test Strategy
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Produced forecasting results
  • Refined Testing Methodology
  • Created E2E requirements
  • Produced value and benefits documentation
Jan, 2017
Jun, 2019
uat test manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional services
Delivered successful UAT test plans, managed test teams, implemented traceability frameworks, and ensured compliance with internal audit. Streamlined testing overhead, resulting in cost savings. Expertise in Oracle Watch List Screening, Oracle Flexcube, QC, and JIRA.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed test plans
  • Managed test teams
  • Ensured compliance
  • Streamlined testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful test plans
  • Cost savings
  • Robust traceability
  • Test Readiness Reviews
Jul, 2019
Apr, 2021
qa/defect manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Quality assurance
Delivered quality assurance and defect management services as part of an Agile Debt Management Transformation Programme. Led engagement with downstream platform teams, providing daily status reports and capturing evidence of successful testing. Utilised JIRA for Sprint calls and coordinated Single Process Flow Testing (SPFT) and End to End Testing (E2E).
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed and managed QA framework
  • Engaged with downstream platform teams
  • Captured evidence of successful testing
  • Coordinated SPFT and E2E
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Provided daily status reports
  • Conducted root cause analysis
  • Led daily 'stand up' meetings
  • Utilised JIRA for Sprint calls
Apr, 2013
Jun, 2014
uat test lead for hr
Professional Services
Leading the data migration project for the launch of Williams & Glynn HR solution Oracle Fusion from RBS's Workday. Co-ordinating interface testing with downstream systems, producing Test Approach documents and chairing weekly meetings to identify potential issues. Liaising with Senior Management and numerous stakeholders, ensuring alignment with the overall project plan and uploading test requirements and scripts into QC. Carrying out Impact Analysis of Change Request and deployment.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Co-ordinating interface testing
  • Producing Test Approach documents
  • Ensuring modules working as expected
  • Liaising with stakeholders
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Aligned touch points with 3rd party suppliers
  • Fed test cycle requirements into central plan
  • Uploaded test requirements and scripts into QC
  • Conducted Impact Analysis of Change Request
Jun, 2011
Mar, 2013
uat test lead for cutover workstream
Professional services
Provided oversight and co-ordination of test coverage of requirements across divisions, ensuring all requirements were validated. Chaired weekly meetings, capturing milestone updates and developing test approach documents, logical day plans and reporting/escalation processes. Liaised with offshore teams on defects and fixes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Co-ordinated test coverage
  • Captured milestone updates
  • Developed test approach
  • Developed logical day plan
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Chaired weekly meetings
  • Distributed Business Requirement Documents
  • Developed reporting/escalation process
  • Identified appropriate environments
May, 2010
Jul, 2011
senior uat analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Banking Solutions
Provided technical expertise to the Enhanced Data Capture project, a multi-channel, multi-brand application designed to automate customer data capture processes through real-time Straight Through Processing. Delivered successful outcomes for the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed and maintained UAT procedures
  • Documented and tracked system issues and defects
  • Collaborated with project stakeholders to ensure requirements were met
  • Ensured quality assurance and accuracy of data
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Optimised data capture processes
  • Improved system performance and reliability
  • Reduced manual data entry
  • Increased customer satisfaction