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We saw too many projects fail. Witnessed overcomplications that stifled even the best people.

We are changing that.

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Nicky Harris, Director
Nicky Harris
Maxine Gregory, Project Manager
Maxine Gregory
Alex Horne
Alex Horne
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones
Zoe Shiers, Marketing Manager
Zoe Shiers
Adam Pratt, Community Manager
Adam Pratt
Sheree Stray, Executive Assistant
Sheree Stray
Sarla Senghani, Partners Analyst
Sarla Senghani
Heather Willox-Muir
Princess Webb
Mo Noor
Mo Noor
Joy Brollo
Alex Williams
Liam Hynes, Business Analyst
Liam Hynes
Kunal Kohli
Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones
Gemma Cope
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