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Disciplines Explained

Do you know your Agile Coaches from your Scrum Masters? Can you spot your Test Leads from your Systems Analysts? Our overview will guide you through our disciplines so you can match the skills you want with the change you need.

Project Manager

Unlock the gateway to seamless project success with a Project Manager. As a skilled professional, they take charge of planning, executing and closing projects across a spectrum of industries.

Picture them as conductors, orchestrating the entire project lifecycle with finesse. From sculpting objectives and optimising resources to taming risks and ensuring timely delivery, they're the maestros of coordination. They're communication champions, ensuring every team member, stakeholder, and client is on the same harmonious wavelength.

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Business Analyst

Step into transformative excellence with a Business Analyst. As industry navigators, they dive deep, unearthing insights that shape decisions. Like architects, they craft plans for evolving landscapes, translating details into strategies, streamlining processes, and bridging stakeholders

Your compass through change, they predict trends, illuminating paths forward. Embrace Business Analysts for precise change journeys.

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Programme Manager

Embark on excellence with a UK Programme Manager. Mastering complexity, they oversee interconnected projects, ensuring goals align. Architects of strategy, they unify stakeholders, streamline processes, and foster growth.

Unlike Project Managers, they handle broader scopes, aligning projects for strategic impact. Navigating change, they foresee trends, guiding the way forward. Embrace success through Programme Managers' expertise.

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Embark on business orchestration with a PMO (Project Management Office). They define standards, champion best practices, and centralise project documentation.

As strategic navigators, they align projects, ensure governance, and boost efficiency. The PMO is your repository for guidance, ensuring projects are timely and budgeted. Their holistic oversight makes change seamless, tuning success finely. Embrace PMO expertise for excellencey.

Test Lead

Conductors of testing, co-ordinating the flawless performance of software and systems. Like meticulous detectives, they uncover glitches and ensure smooth functionality. Test Leads craft and implement test strategies, managing testing teams and timelines..

Picture them as quality guardians, safeguarding user experience. They pinpoint flaws, enabling refinement before launch. Embrace Test Leads for a journey of impeccable performance.

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Benefit to the Customers Organization
Project Manager
Master juggler creating plans, executing and closing projects, ensuring efficient resource allocation, timely task completion and stakeholder satisfaction.
Organised project execution, on-time and within-budget delivery and effective communication, resulting in successful project outcomes.
Programme Manager
Maestro of orchestrating interconnected projects, aligning strategies with objectives and ensuring efficient execution across a portfolio for achieving overarching organisational goals.
Successful program delivery, risk mitigation, and aligned project outcomes for business success. Streamlines project coordination, strategic alignment for optimal outcomes and driving successful delivery of complex initiatives.
Orchestrator of project success, ensuring alignment, governance and resources optimisation.
Effective project governance, effective project standards and optimised resource utilisation.
Change Analyst
Change magician facilitating smooth transitions, empowering teams, and embracing new possibilities.
Smooth transitions, minimised disruptions and maximised employee engagement during organisational changes
Data Analyst
Cloud maestro designing, building and managing digital castles in the sky.
Optimised cloud operations, secure infrastructure and efficient digital capabilities.
Systems Analyst
Tech detective analysing systems, bridging gaps and proposing efficient solutions.
Streamlined systems, effective solutions and optimised workflows for improved productivity.
Business Architect
Maestro of designing optimised processes, aligning technology with business goals, and ensuring seamless integration for strategic transformation.
Streamlined processes, aligned technology strategies and enhanced agility, driving efficient and successful business transformations.
Solutions Architect
Architect of possibilities creating scalable, secure and innovative technology solutions.
Cutting-edge technology solutions, scalability and secure systems for future growth.
Data Architect
Data visionary designing robust architectures, ensuring data integrity and optimises data flow for efficient and accurate information management.
Optimised data systems, enhanced data integrity, and valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Enterprise Architect
Architect extraordinaire, designing cohesive IT strategies, aligning technology with business goals and ensuring seamless integration for efficient and future-proof organisational growth
Optimises IT landscapes, strategic technology investments and enhanced agility for achieving long-term business objectives.
Cloud Engineer
Cloud maestro designing, building and managing digital castles in the sky.
Optimised cloud operations, secure infrastructure and efficient digital capabilities.
Data Engineer
Develops data pipelines, transforms raw data into usable formats, and ensures data availability for analysis and business applications.
Streamlined data processing, efficient data transformation, and reliable data availability, enabling informed decision-making and data-driven innovations.
Agile Coach
Champion of agility, guiding teams on the path of collaboration, growth, and high performance.
Agile transformation, increased productivity, and a culture of continuous improvement.
Scrum Master
Facilitates agile processes, removes impediments to team progress and fosters collaboration to ensure successful and iterative project development.
Efficient teamwork, improved collaboration and high-quality product delivery.
Business Analyst
Bridge builder connecting business goals with technical solutions, illuminating success paths.
Enhances efficiency, drives informed decisions and bridges communication gaps for streamlined success.
Business Intelligence Analyst
Data wizard turning numbers into insights, uncovering actionable insights and providing informed recommendations to drive data-driven decision-making.
Data-informed strategies, improved operational efficiency, and competitive advantage through insightful decision-making.
Test Analyst
Sherlock Holmes of software, uncovering bugs and ensuring top-notch performance.
Thorough bug detection, improved performance and enhanced software quality.
Test Lead
Quality guardian executing test strategies and ensuring software reliability.
Improved software quality, reliable systems and enhanced user satisfaction.
Principal Lead
Strategic superhero leading projects, driving innovation, and optimising outcomes.
Enhanced project outcomes, innovation-driven culture and strategic alignment.
Technical Lead
Technical wizard leading with expertise, innovation and a touch of coding sorcery.
Cutting-edge technical solutions, innovative approaches and expertise-driven leadership for project success.
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