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Test Lead
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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional with 10 years of work experience, including 3 years in a managerial role. I have expertise in software development, testing and implementation, and have a strong understanding of IT systems and processes. I am a team player with excellent communication and problem-solving skills, and I am committed to delivering quality products on time.

Test Planning Stakeholder Management Agile Time Management
AgileSQLStakeholder ManagementTest PlanningTime Management
Jul, 2022
Jun, 2023
uat test lead
As a UAT Test Lead, I am responsible for managing the UAT testing of a system migration from a third-party company to the Arrow global system. My responsibilities include developing test plans, test scenarios and test scripts, peer reviewing test cases, logging all defects discovered during UAT, creating test data and triaging with other departments. Additionally, I am responsible for stakeholder meetings to provide daily updates on stats and progress of the testing cycle, as well as participating in release sign offs.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing Test plans
  • Peer review Test cases
  • Logging defects
  • Stakeholder meetings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Managing UAT testing
  • Providing feedback
  • Creating test data
  • Driving UAT
Jan, 2022
Jul, 2022
test manager
Software testing
As a Test Manager, I have been responsible for providing a QA strategy across multiple teams, bringing in Agile practices to improve product quality, managing 2 Junior testers and 1 Automation Tester, creating a central wiki location for all processes and procedures, providing an Automation strategy, organizing release regression testing and UAT, and mentoring the Junior testers.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Providing QA strategy
  • Bringing Agile practices
  • Managing testers
  • Creating wiki
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved product quality
  • Built documentation
  • Mentored Junior testers
  • Provided Automation strategy
Mar, 2020
Jan, 2022
test lead
Software Testing
As a Test Lead, I am responsible for managing teams, investigating AWS logs, debugging points of failure and managing automation frameworks. I have achieved substantial personal responsibility and have been involved in the evolution of products and services, product design, mentoring team members, and driving development. I am able to select appropriate tools and techniques to achieve my goals and document and communicate them effectively. I am also able to quickly learn and apply teaching in a way that delivers immediate business benefit.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing teams
  • Investigating AWS logs
  • Debugging points of failure
  • Managing automation framework
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Evolution of products
  • Involvement with product design
  • Mentoring team members
  • Driving development
Apr, 2019
Mar, 2020
qa senior test analyst
Software Testing
As a Senior QA tester, I am responsible for managing the workload, providing estimations, mentoring a junior tester, and testing the Front-end website, mobile apps, and the back-end Database system. My achievements include reducing regression testing, improving the automation framework, managing multiple streams, and managing sprints. I have experience with mobile and ecommerce testing, multi-browser testing, IOS and Android testing, testing through from Dev to Release Environment, managing Automation Test Scripts, and backend system testing.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing workload
  • Estimations
  • Mentoring
  • Testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reduced regression testing
  • Improved automation framework
  • Managed multiple streams
  • Managed sprints
Oct, 2017
Apr, 2019
test analyst
Software Testing
As a Test Analyst with 2 years of experience, my role involved testing .net and jade database system. My responsibilities included working in an Agile environment, creating UAT scripts, shadowing end users, providing updates, pairing with developers for TDD, front end testing, backend SQL database testing, producing documentation, and performance testing. My achievements included a fail fast environment, front end testing, backend SQL database testing, and producing documentation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating UAT scripts
  • Shadowing end users
  • Providing updates
  • Pairing with developers
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Fail fast environment
  • Front end testing
  • Backend SQL database testing
  • Producing documentation
Mar, 2013
Oct, 2017
test analyst
Software testing
I have 5 years of experience as a Test Analyst, involving in testing web and mobile applications. My responsibilities included using Agile and waterfall methodologies on projects, creating and executing test scripts, providing system training for end users, web services installation and deployment, mobile application testing, website testing on multiple platforms, database installation, providing peer test reviews, raising and managing defects, and report writing. I have also coached and mentored new testers.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating test scripts
  • System training
  • Web services installation
  • Mobile application testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Agile & waterfall methodologies
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Website automation cases
  • SQL database querying