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About me

I am a highly motivated and results-oriented individual with excellent experience and teamwork skills. I am disciplined and always looking for new ideas and opportunities in the Construction industry to bring immediate strategic value and develop my current skillset for new challenges.

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Mar, 2022
electrical site supervisor
As an Electrical Site Supervisor, I was responsible for supervising electrical installations, managing a team of electricians, completing the handover of projects, and maintaining high standards of work. My key achievements include successfully completing Project Floyd, managing a team of 20 electricians, completing the handover of projects on time, and being awarded for high standards of work.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Supervising electrical installation
  • Managing team of electricians
  • Completing handover of project
  • Maintaining high standards of work
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful completion of Project Floyd
  • Managed team of 20 electricians
  • Handover of project completed on time
  • Awarded for high standards of work
Nov, 2021
Mar, 2022
electrical engineer
Installation services
As an Electrical Engineer, I have been responsible for achieving the annual target set by the business, working as a team to meet project deadlines, handling project module changes and revisions, and carrying out electrical project revisions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Achieving annual target
  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Handling project changes
  • Carrying out electrical revisions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Team collaboration
  • Project completion
  • Time management
  • Revision accuracy
Jul, 2021
Nov, 2021
electrical site supervisor
Harvey Phipps
As an Electrical Site Supervisor, I am responsible for managing electrical installations, multitasking in a fast-paced environment, meeting deadlines, and ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures. I have achieved great success in this role, such as acting as a project supervisor, working in a fast-paced environment, meeting deadlines, and fostering great team cooperation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Electrical installations
  • Multitasking
  • Deadline schedules
  • H&S procedures
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Project supervisor
  • Fast pace environment
  • Achieving deadlines
  • Team cooperation
Sep, 2019
Jul, 2021
assistant electrical site manager
London City Fire
As an Assistant Electrical Site Manager, I have successfully contributed in projects deliveries for Principal Contractor, monitored and estimated project progress from start to handover, prepared site H&S procedures, supervised staff members, prepared and approved RAMS and COSSH, attended staff meetings and tackled any issues, attended meetings with subcontractors and clients, prepared site inductions, safety briefings and toolbox talks, and carefully planned to achieve accurate and timely results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Monitoring and estimating project progress
  • Preparing site H&S procedures
  • Supervising staff members
  • Preparing RAMS and COSSH
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully contributing in projects deliveries
  • Successfully managing the company's annual targets
  • Attending staff meetings and tackling any issues
  • Careful planning to achieve accurate and timely results
Nov, 2016
Sep, 2019
business development and parts manager
Automotive parts
As a Business Development and Parts Manager, I have implemented business growth, managed project scope, achieved financial targets and successfully trained staff. I have a proven track record of successful budget management and time management. My team management skills have been instrumental in achieving our goals.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Growth and budget management
  • Project Scope forecasting
  • Achieving financial targets
  • Team management and training
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented business growth
  • Managed project scope
  • Met financial targets
  • Successfully trained staff