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About me

I am an experienced Senior Manager with 10+ years of experience in leading Programs and Projects. I am experienced in change management, business transformation, technology service transition, Business Intelligence, MI and predictive analytics, regulatory compliance, and Information Security. I am skilled in forming trusted relationships and bridging the gap between technology and business organisations. I am a value-driven leader with strong communication and planning skills.

Program Management Project Management Change Management Leadership
Agile MethodologiesBusiness AnalysisChange ManagementCommunicationData AnalysisData TransformationData WarehousingIT Service ManagementLeadershipProblem SolvingProgram ManagementProject ManagementProject Portfolio ManagementTeam BuildingTeam Management
Dec, 2020
Dec, 2021
technology portfolio change lead
As a Technology portfolio change lead I was responsible for end-to-end management of the 'BizTech' Technical Change Portfolio and direct management for 7 Project Managers and Business Analysts. My achievements included improving the quality of project delivery, leading the Cloud Transformation Programme, implementing ISO27001 certification and DMS (m-files document management). I also took on the Interim Project Management of multiple projects to fill resource gaps.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • End-to-end portfolio management
  • Monthly portfolio reporting
  • Problem solving representation
  • Leading and mentoring
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivery maturity improvement
  • Cloud transformation programme
  • ISO27001 certification
  • DMS implementation
Mar, 2018
Sep, 2020
senior project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Consulting Firm
As a Senior Project Manager I have managed multiple Information Security projects, successfully recovered and led through to final delivery a high-profile ITIL ITSM programme, various SAP projects, led technology delivery enabling operational separation and enabled HR to deliver Pension reforms. I have also established excellent stakeholder relationships and delivered outcomes for the UK & Swiss member firms with a combined user base of 25,000.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed multiple Information Security projects
  • Recovered and led ITIL ITSM programme
  • Various SAP projects
  • Led technology delivery
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Migrated to Azure Multi Factor Authentication
  • Implemented Privileged Access Management
  • Developed, tested and embedded business change
  • Enabled HR to deliver Pension reforms
Jan, 2016
Mar, 2018
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
I have successfully built an off-shore team of MQL developers to collaborate in creating a suite of automated trading applications for retail Foreign Exchange traders, opening and automatically managing live trading positions to close with profit, whilst providing real time trade alerts to mobile devices and via email.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Building an off-shore team
  • Developing automated trading applications
  • Managing live trading positions
  • Providing real time trade alerts
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully created a suite of automated trading applications
  • Successfully managed live trading positions to close with profit
  • Successfully provided real time trade alerts to mobile devices and via email
  • Successfully built an off-shore team of MQL developers
Mar, 2017
Sep, 2017
business project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Business Consulting
As a Business Project Manager I was engaged with the company leadership to assess business viability after significant management changes. This included analysis of internal resource capability, customer base, products, and sales pipeline. I led the creation of a target operating model, rebranding and production of a complete suite of consulting business processes and branded product templates. Additionally, I built an 'associate sales network' enabling prior employees to introduce new clients and earn commission.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Assessing business viability
  • Creating target operating model
  • Rebranding
  • Building associate sales network
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Analysis of internal resources
  • Production of consulting processes
  • Branded product templates
  • Commission earning network
Jan, 2014
Jan, 2016
group security programme manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Logistics and Payments
As a Group Security Programme Manager I have been responsible for leading a core group to design the programme blueprint, detailed definition and secure funding from the RMG board, resourced and line management of a team. I also led the definition with commercials of the BACS Cloud Payment replacement programme for RMG, ParcelForce Worldwide and Post Office, including migration of data centres and move of primary suppliers from CSC to HCL. Moreover, I achieved full organisation compliance on time and within budget constraints. Additionally, I have managed a transformational change project to migrate 5 contact centres from a web-based payments portal to automated telephony payments using BT 'Eckoh Protect', which included union negotiations, business change forming new management KPIs, concise communications and tiered training.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Define commercials of Cloud Payment replacement programme
  • Achieve full organisation compliance
  • Design programme blueprint
  • Resourced and line management of team
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Investment of +£5m
  • Migrate 5 contact centres
  • Union negotiations
  • Concise communications
Apr, 2013
Dec, 2014
programme manager
I was a Programme Manager in this role for 2 years. I have been responsible for leading a multifunctional team of technical, business, and external QSA to produce the delivery roadmap of security projects. I have also been functioning as a PCI DSS SME within Information Security, advising projects of compliance measures needed. I have achieved success in delivering the roadmap on time and achieving security projects goals, which were committed to by the TUI UK&I board.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading a multifunctional team
  • Producing delivery roadmap
  • Advising projects on compliance
  • Managing a security and compliance portfolio
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Committed to by the TUI UK&I board
  • Delivered roadmap on time
  • Achieved security projects goals
Oct, 2012
Apr, 2013
business change project manager
As a Business Change Project Manager, my responsibilities include developing a new business operating model, delivering a data warehouse redesign project, leading the roll-out of a finance project, and managing a team of business analysts to prepare 800+ dealerships for a Sales and CRM software implementation. My achievements include building additional operational environments, migrating from paper-based invoicing to an automated solution, and successfully preparing 800+ dealerships for the software implementation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed business operating model
  • Data warehouse redesign
  • Finance project migration
  • Sales and CRM software implementation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Built operational environments
  • Migrated from paper-based invoicing
  • Prepared 800+ dealerships
  • Led team of business analysts
Jul, 2011
Mar, 2012
information security consulting senior project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Security Consulting
As a Senior Project Manager in Information Security Consulting, I managed a portfolio of 36 PCI DSS Information Security compliance projects for the SOC. I conducted a top-down review of TATA SOC to deliver effective SIEM and PIM for 'critical payments infrastructure'. I also managed the engagement between internal audit & risk, Head of Information Security and internal business units. I successfully delivered rollouts of multiple server security and stabilisation updates (4500 servers over 1000 stores).
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Delivering PCI DSS compliance projects
  • Reviewing TATA SOC
  • Managing internal audit & risk
  • Rolling out security updates
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Achieved successful PCI DSS compliance
  • Improved TATA SOC efficiency
  • Optimized internal audit & risk processes
  • Ensured security updates rollout
Oct, 2010
Apr, 2011
head of development mobile payments
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Secure Payments
I was the Head of Development for 6 months, leading a small development and test team to deliver Kalypton secure payment products. We have achieved multiple Agile releases of the Tereon Mobile Money Payment Network for iOS and Android in Africa, and have enhanced frameworks for governance, development and delivery to ISO 27001/2 standards.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Manage small development team
  • Deliver Kalypton products
  • Ensure ISO 27001/2 compliance
  • Develop Agile releases
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered Tereon Mobile Money Payment Network
  • Enhanced frameworks for governance
  • Delivered multiple Agile releases
  • Delivered products to Africa
Jun, 2008
Oct, 2010
consulting senior project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
I am responsible for end-to-end project management of a portfolio of projects across three business areas: Retail, London Markets and Bermuda & Group. I have achieved PCI DSS compliance and implemented Splunk, VLAN segregation, WAF and Firewall upgrades. I have developed and released the Hiscox Claims Management suite, and collaborated with modelling analysts to deliver a new catastrophe modelling data warehouse for use by specialist teams and executive stakeholders in the London & Bermuda businesses utilising RMS & RiskLink technologies.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing portfolio of projects
  • Forming UK security strategy
  • Developing and releasing Hiscox Claims Management suite
  • Delivering catastrophe modelling data warehouse
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Achieved PCI DSS compliance
  • Implemented Splunk, VLAN segregation, WAF and Firewall upgrades
  • Collaborated with modelling analysts
  • Delivered data warehouse for use by specialist teams and executive stakeholders