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Change Analyst
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Project Manager
Technology Technology
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am a seasoned Programme and Project Manager with a wealth of experience overseeing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and managing a diverse range of projects, including the creation of innovative education solutions. Proficient in stakeholder management, I excel in cultivating and expanding strategic partnerships for organisations. My portfolio demonstrates successful leadership in conceiving and steering groundbreaking projects and technological innovations across Europe and the African Continent. With a robust foundation in project management, I bring a wealth of experience to ensure project success, streamline processes, and foster collaboration. My dedication to fostering excellence and driving results has consistently led to impactful outcomes. I am committed to utilising my expertise in project management to continue delivering value and driving growth for future endeavours.

Agile Leadership Stakeholder Management Team Management Project Scope Management
Agile LeadershipAgile Project ManagementAgile Project Management ToolsBusiness Process ImprovementDecision MakingDigital TransformationProject Scope ManagementRequirements AnalysisResource AllocationSales and Marketing StrategySales NegotiationStakeholder EngagementStakeholder ManagementTeam ManagementUX design
May, 2022
senior project manager
Project Management
I ensure successful project delivery by conducting comprehensive scoping exercises, estimating timelines, and managing potential risks. I excel in resource allocation, coordinating team efforts, and producing vital project documentation. My role involves implementing best practices, closely monitoring progress, and ensuring alignment with requirements. I manage cross-functional initiatives, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and maintain governance standards. With a strong foundation in project management, I guarantee project integrity and audit-ready documentation
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Conducting scoping exercises
  • Estimating timelines
  • Managing risks
  • Allocating resources
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Coordinating team efforts
  • Producing documentation
  • Implementing best practices
  • Maintaining governance standards
Jan, 2013
Aug, 2021
project director
Educational Innovation
Experienced Project Manager driving educational innovation. Led STEM programs, partnerships for 40% student enterprise growth. Organized events, fostered collaboration, managed E-learning solutions. Led Kwamfuta app, bridging education and skills. Expert in cross-functional teamwork, budget control, and agile development. Ready to bring impactful leadership to new challenges.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Organizing events
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Managing E-learning solutions
  • Leading cross-functional teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 40% student enterprise growth
  • Led Kwamfuta app
  • Budget control
  • Agile development