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Change Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Information Technology Information Technology
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About me

I am a Technical Project Manager with 5+ years of experience in project delivery and consulting services, implementing strategic and business process improvements.

I hold the CSM and CAPM credentials and am passionate about building people and teams to improve business growth. I am self-motivated, pro-active, and creative, with a proven ability to think strategically and solve problems.

Agile Project Management Business Process Improvement Communication Leadership
Agile CoachingAgile Project ManagementAgile sprintsBusiness Process AutomationBusiness Process ImprovementChange ManagementCommunicationContinuous ImprovementContract Drafting and ReviewLeadershipLean Six Sigma Tools and MethodologiesProject Scope ManagementRisk ManagementScrum FrameworkStakeholder Management
Sep, 2021
business operation and project manager consultant
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Provided operational enhancements to optimise product delivery, leading a multi-national team to deploy two MVP mobile and web applications. Streamlined start-up operations, development and deployment processes. Integrated Generative Artificial Intelligence into service offerings, creating and delivering persuasive pitch decks to secure investments. Managed client relationships and communications for timely contract signing and prompt resolution of issues.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Optimising product delivery
  • Leading multi-national team
  • Streamlining operations
  • Integrating AI into service offerings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Deploying two MVP apps
  • Creating persuasive pitch decks
  • Securing investments
  • Managing client relationships
Jul, 2022
Jun, 2023
technical project manager full time
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Technical Project Manager
Delivered streamlined processes to enhance efficiency, developed and deployed a regulated digital asset settlement platform, tracked key risks, issues and dependencies, developed a blockchain-based CSD MVP, and provided mentorship to technical team members.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Streamline processes to enhance efficiency
  • Develop and deploy digital asset settlement platform
  • Track key risks, issues and dependencies
  • Develop blockchain-based CSD MVP
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered streamlined processes
  • Deployed regulated digital asset settlement platform
  • Developed blockchain-based CSD MVP
  • Provided mentorship to technical team
Sep, 2018
Jun, 2022
project and change manager
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Project & change manager
Provided operational support to the Senior Director of Operations while concurrently leading continuous improvement and tool development initiatives. Evaluated existing software portfolio planning processes, resulting in the automation and integration with Jira. Implemented a new Secure Development Lifecycle framework across agile development teams. Championed the adoption of a Knowledge Management (KM) centre, enhancing visibility and addressing process gaps. Conducted training sessions and evaluated existing workflows.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provided operational support to senior director
  • Led continuous improvement & tool development
  • Evaluated software portfolio planning processes
  • Implemented Secure Development Lifecycle framework
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Automated & integrated with Jira
  • Championed Knowledge Management (KM) centre
  • Conducted training sessions
  • Evaluated existing workflows