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About me

I am a Management Analyst and Consultant with 3 years of experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology. I specialize in policy and governance, and I have a passion for developing efficient and effective solutions to complex problems. My experience covers both the technical and managerial aspects of projects, and I am committed to delivering the best results for my clients.

Leadership Business Analysis Data Analysis Market Analysis
AgileBusiness AnalysisData AnalysisLeadershipMarket Analysis
Jan, 2023
operations consultant
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Food Retailer
As an Operations Consultant I have conducted business process analysis and identified critical issues and gaps, developed a road map for short and long-term work, managed targets and created detailed process roadmaps, evaluated the organisation's workflows and implemented process improvements, and developed and implemented reinvestment plans. I have also created effective plans with the general managers to implement operational standards, food safety standards and labour laws, and developed annual business plans to build a positive and expansive work environment to optimise business results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Conduct business process analysis
  • Manage targets and roadmaps
  • Evaluate workflows and cost drivers
  • Develop business plans
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Identified critical issues and gaps
  • Created effective plans
  • Implemented process improvements
  • Built positive work environment
Jun, 2022
Sep, 2022
Health CareHealth Care
Global Health care
As an Intern I developed a governance model for blockchain financing in global health. I had the ability to lead weekly meetings and workshops with senior management/project teams and facilitate daily stand ups, backlog grooming and sprint planning sessions. Additionally, I established an algorithmic approach to produce better social outcomes by using hybrid consensus mechanisms.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop governance model
  • Lead meetings/workshops
  • Facilitate stand ups
  • Establish algorithms
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Produce better outcomes
  • Use hybrid consensus
  • Weekly meetings/workshops
  • Daily stand ups
Jan, 2022
Feb, 2022
operation risk analyst intern
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Risk Analysis
As an Operation Risk Analyst intern I was responsible for gathering/approving user stories, investigating/analysing funding models of utilisation of public tax funds, working with an Agile methodology, creating knowledge articles, developing risk metrics, monitoring performance and breach remediations. I achieved delivering projects on time and developing my understanding.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Gathering/approving user stories
  • Investigating/analysing funding models
  • Working with Agile methodology
  • Creating knowledge articles
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developing risk metrics
  • Monitoring performance
  • Breach remediations
  • Delivering projects on time
Nov, 2020
Aug, 2021
junior business analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Technology Solutions
As a Junior Business Analyst with 9 months of experience, I have supported the development of sales and operations strategy, setting priorities, and executing operational plans. I have summarised and developed complex business processes in an interactive automated dashboard system to help business and program teams. I have identified sales gaps and inefficiencies of business processes and developed a process map using Visio. I have collected, analysed, evaluated, and reported sales results and workflow to identify steps to increase sales productivity & results; drove process enhancements that increased revenues by 40%. I have also communicated sales needs back to business leaders and product team, assisting in pricing analysis to ensure products relative to one another and in combination are priced correctly.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop sales and operations strategy
  • Summarise complex business processes
  • Identify sales gaps and inefficiencies
  • Collect, analyse, and report sales results
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created interactive automated dashboard
  • Developed process map using Visio
  • Increased revenues by 40%
  • Assisted in pricing analysis
Apr, 2019
Nov, 2020
business strategies consultant
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Strategic Consulting
As a Business Strategies Consultant with two years of experience, I have monitored and analysed current market conditions to understand the latest trends and innovations, driving adaptability to changes and sustaining competitive advantage. I have developed key dashboards and reports for internal communication, coordinated and tracked on market competitors' intelligence and developed financial models. I have also redrafted marketing blueprint, resulting in optimised overall brand perception and increasing revenue growth by 68%. I have proposed courses of action and solutions based on industry best practices, and created strategies for existing accounts to generate business, allocate and optimise resources and make profits that generate above-average returns.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Monitor market trends
  • Develop key reports
  • Track competitors intelligence
  • Draft marketing blueprint
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Increasing revenue growth 68%
  • Optimised brand perception
  • Proposed courses of action
  • Created strategies for existing accounts