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Project Manager
Financial Services Financial Services Industrial Industrial Retail Retail
Sustainable Sustainable Technology Technology
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
Financial Crime and Compliance Financial Crime and Compliance System Implementation System Implementation
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About me

I am a highly experienced Information and Communication Technology and Communication, Marketing and Public Relations Manager with 8 years of work experience, including 2 years of management experience. My expertise ranges from mid-level positions to high-level positions and I strive to provide the best quality service to my clients.

Problem Solving Time Management Communication Stakeholder Management
Business AnalysisCommunicationProblem SolvingRequirement GatheringStakeholder ManagementTime Management
Dec, 2022
business analyst
Software development
My role is to support day to day on client projects, gathering requirements, identifying, defining and mapping out business processes, and ensuring that the solution meets the business's needs. I have used JIRA, Azure Dev Ops and JIRA, with occasional use of Contentful, to work on projects for two clients: Barilla and Explore Learning. My tasks and responsibilities include working closely with the Product Manager to create tasks, working with the UX and UI team to understand and create the design implementation, participating in sprint grooming sessions and daily stand-up meetings, attending meetings and sessions in-person with clients, and writing up user stories and acceptance criteria for tickets.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Defining business models
  • Creating tasks
  • Writing user stories
  • Attending meetings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Gathered requirements
  • Met expectations
  • Produced artefacts
  • Liaised with stakeholders
Jan, 2022
Nov, 2022
business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Innovative consulting
I have worked on multiple projects for a variety of prestigious and innovative companies in different industries. I have been involved in requirement elicitation, leading and participating in stand ups, engaging with multiple product owners and stakeholders, managing the Requirements Traceability Matrix, creating Customer User Maps, User Stories and Acceptance Criteria, liaising with the Project Managers and QA teams, and facilitating workshops. I have achieved success in projects discovery, workshop sessions, BA blogs, and Jira processes implementation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Requirement elicitation
  • Stand ups
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Projects discovery
  • Workshop sessions
  • BA blogs
  • Jira processes implementation
Jun, 2021
Dec, 2021
technical business analyst
Lean methodology
I have been working on a variety of projects to improve the internal web portal, SynergyTrak. I have played a key role in optimising processes and efficiencies, and held a BA Customer Forum event to update customers on changes. I have built excellent rapport with customers by having face-to-face visits, gathering feedback, and arranging training sessions. My tasks and responsibilities include analysing and understanding the internal system, understanding the different facets of the business, gathering requirements, creating backlogs, facilitating meetings, and user testing.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyse internal system
  • Understand business facets
  • Gather requirements
  • Facilitate meetings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Optimised processes
  • BA Forum event
  • Customer feedback
  • Built rapport
Sep, 2020
May, 2021
lead business analyst
IT consultancy
I successfully served as the BA Lead for the creation and implementation of an AI Chatbot for our IT Consultancy client. My responsibilities included understanding and defining the problem, requirement elicitation, analysing processes, delegating tasks, and overseeing the UAT process. My key achievements included leading the BA team, improving efficiency by 20%, improving timeliness and quality by 15%, and developing the AI Chatbot. I also liaised with SMEs and supported the creation of project artefacts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Defining problem
  • Requirement elicitation
  • Analyzing processes
  • Delegating tasks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Lead BA
  • 20% efficiency
  • 15% timeliness/quality
  • Chatbot development
Nov, 2018
Sep, 2020
project marketing officer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Insurance Broker
As a Project Marketing Officer with two years of experience, I was responsible for liaising with stakeholders, communicating processes, analyzing data, and managing stakeholders in order to increase subscriber base, revenue, and negotiate deals. My key achievements included increasing subscriber base by 35%, creating and sustaining a business process that increased revenue by 12%, and managing high profile stakeholders from companies such as Galliard Homes and Belvoir. I was also tasked with creating monthly reports using Google Analytics, analysing competitors, and working alongside developers when going through website changes and alterations.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Liaising with stakeholders
  • Communicating processes
  • Analyzing data
  • Managing stakeholders
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Increased subscribers
  • Increased revenue
  • Negotiated deals
  • Created business plan
Jan, 2018
Oct, 2018
project support officer
Media Chain
I have been responsible for developing plans and customising approaches to organisational needs, pitching and presenting the Media Chain offering to agencies, evaluating business briefs, identifying options and offering recommendations, liaising with agencies and their clients, and facilitating meetings with clients. My key achievements include creating an excellent rapport, translating solutions and information to be understood by a wider audience, and identifying options and recommendations.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop plans and customize approach
  • Present Media Chain offering
  • Evaluate business briefs
  • Facilitate meetings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created excellent rapport
  • Liaised with agencies and clients
  • Identified options and recommendations
  • Translated solutions and information
Nov, 2015
Jan, 2018
business account manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Business Solutions
As an experienced Business Account Manager I have successfully created an excellent rapport with my clients, and worked closely with all key stakeholders to ascertain requirements and ensure all parties are informed of project details and technical aspects. I have pitched and presented the Media Chain offering to media and creative agencies, liaised with them and their client base to create amazing campaigns, and evaluated business briefs to identify options and offer recommendations. I have also facilitated meetings with clients to gather and document requirements and identify solutions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing plans
  • Informing stakeholders
  • Pitching offerings
  • Recommending solutions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Creating rapport
  • Presenting offerings
  • Creating campaigns
  • Evaluating briefs