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About me

I am a creative and experienced digital communications specialist with 7 years of experience in delivering communication strategies to audiences worldwide. I have a proven track record in connecting leadership with employees and driving narratives through corporate, change, and crisis communications. I have experience in delivering global internal communications content for large organisations.

Stakeholder Engagement Employee Engagement Content Strategy Change Management
Change ManagementCommunicationContent StrategyCustomer ServiceDigital TransformationEmployee EngagementKnowledge ManagementLeadershipProject ManagementStakeholder EngagementStakeholder ManagementTechnical Expertise
Jan, 2023
intranet project support officer
Technical Solutions
As an Intranet Project Support Officer, I have 7 months of experience in consulting and project management of an intranet migration project. My responsibilities include leveraging technical expertise and implementation to ensure successful roll-out. During my time in this role, I have achieved successes such as successfully migrating the intranet, improving intranet performance, developing project management skills, and building strong relationships with stakeholders.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Consulting on intranet migration project
  • Leveraging technical expertise
  • Implementing project plan
  • Ensuring successful roll-out
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully migrated intranet
  • Improved intranet performance
  • Developed project management skills
  • Built strong relationships with stakeholders
Jul, 2022
Sep, 2022
corporate communications manager
Global enterprise
As a Corporate Communications Manager, I provided advisory services, incorporating best practice, design expertise, and deployment strategies for the upgrade of corporate intranet site, for global employee base of 5,000. I successfully upgraded the corporate intranet site, advised on best practices, designed the intranet site, and deployed strategies for the global employees.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide advisory services
  • Deploy best practice
  • Design intranet site
  • Deployment strategies for 5,000 employees
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Upgraded corporate intranet site
  • Advised on best practices
  • Designed intranet site
  • Deployed strategies for global employees
Nov, 2021
Jun, 2022
content and platform coordinator
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
I have been working as a Content and Platform Coordinator for 7 months. My primary responsibilities include SharePoint site administration, being a trusted advisor to the Head of the CEO's office, overseeing site architecture and technical performance, and content governance. My key achievements include successfully launching the SharePoint site, aligning the group with the change management plan, conducting employee communications and site demonstrations, and gathering feedback for modifications.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • SharePoint site administration
  • Trusted advisor to CEO
  • Site architecture and performance
  • Content governance
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful launch of SharePoint site
  • Group alignment with change plan
  • Employee communications and site demos
  • Gathering feedback for modifications
May, 2021
Dec, 2021
digital learning platform developer consultant remote
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Learning Platform
I have been working as a remote Digital Learning Platform Developer Consultant for 7 months. During this time, I have collaborated with HSBC Learning Consultants and Global Community Managers to audit and build content for the e-learning platform Degreed, targeting a global employee base of 200,000. I have built and uploaded over 500 Degreed plans and pathways, including translated e-learning content in 10 languages.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Auditing content
  • Building content
  • Uploading plans
  • Translating content
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Built 500 plans
  • Uploaded 500 plans
  • Targeted global employees
  • Translated content in 10 languages
Aug, 2021
Oct, 2021
internal communications copywriter remote
As an Internal Communications Copywriter with 2 months of experience, I sourced and authored engaging news articles related to HR, Business Services and Marketing, connecting and informing employees. I also owned the delivery of a weekly newsletter with a global readership of 8,000, via email platform (Poppulo).
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Sourcing articles
  • Authoring news
  • Delivering newsletter
  • Informing employees
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Engaging content
  • Global readership
  • Email platform
  • Connecting employees
Apr, 2021
May, 2021
digital workplace consultant remote
Digital workplace consultant
As a Technical Content Writer, I have contributed to a large-scale digital transformation project for Cisco's Webex brand. My key responsibilities included crafting high-quality digital assets for customer-facing channels, such as web copy, email, presentations, blog posts, social media content, use cases, video scripts, and technical advisory guides. I managed the end-to-end content process from design brief to client sign-off. My work resulted in the successful delivery of over 150 digital assets for a global launch.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Crafting digital assets
  • Managing content process
  • Writing web copy
  • Creating social media content
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered 150 digital assets
  • Global launch success
  • Autonomous and collaborative work
  • High-quality digital assets
Apr, 2020
Apr, 2021
academic mentor and guest lecturer remote
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
As an Academic Mentor and Guest Lecturer, I have been providing academic support and coaching to Kingston University Business students on an ad-hoc basis for the past year. During this time, I have achieved success in improving student performance, developing creative approaches to teaching, creating effective learning materials, and maintaining positive relationships with students. I have also delivered lectures to students on a variety of topics.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provided academic support
  • Coached students
  • Assisted with ad-hoc tasks
  • Delivered lectures
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved student performance
  • Developed creative approaches
  • Created effective learning materials
  • Maintained positive relationships
Dec, 2019
Apr, 2020
executive development coordinator h r communications
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
HR Communications
I have been working as the Executive Development Coordinator for HR Communications for the past 4 months. My responsibilities include devising a robust communications strategy targeting Executive level individuals across all ABF businesses, serving as Content Writer of internal newsletter with a global readership (100K), and content administrator of 3 intranet sites (corporate, careers and employee talent database). I have achieved comprehensive audit of 3 intranet sites and implemented recommendations, resulting in increased traffic by 65%, (over 3-month period) and elevated internal recruitment applications.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Devised communications strategy
  • Content Writer
  • Content administrator
  • Audit intranet sites
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Increased traffic by 65%
  • Implemented recommendations
  • Robust communications strategy
  • Improved employee retention
Nov, 2017
Dec, 2019
governance and integration analyst communications lead
Mergers, Acquisitions, and IntegrationsMergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations
Global Services
I am a Global Strategic Governance and Integration Analyst Communications Lead with 3 years of experience. My job involves crafting and executing a comprehensive communication plan targeted at a diverse global audience of 10,000 employees. My key achievements include auditing a SharePoint site of over 50 pages, constructing news content and owning Global Town hall broadcasts with over 500 listeners, and activating Microsoft Yammer social channel with a strategic communications campaign, resulting in 5,000 migrating in 3 days.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Auditing SharePoint site
  • Constructing news content
  • Owning Town hall broadcasts
  • Activating Microsoft Yammer
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Organised document library
  • Reached 500 listeners
  • Strategic communications campaign
  • 5,000 migrated in 3 days
May, 2016
Apr, 2017
project management consultant/it training consultant
Technology Consulting
As a Project Management Consultant/Information Technology Training Consultant with 11 months of experience, I was responsible for leading the global communications strategy and reporting on internal communications for Workplace & Travel Services. My key achievements included auditing a SharePoint site of over 50 pages and organising the document library, constructing news content and owning Global Town hall broadcasts with over 500 listeners, and activating Microsoft Yammer social channel, replacing Salesforce Chatter with a strategic communications campaign, resulting in 5,000 migrating in 3 days.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Craft and execute communication plan
  • Audit SharePoint site
  • Construct news content
  • Activate Microsoft Yammer
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Organised document library
  • Global Town hall broadcasts
  • Yammer social channel activation
  • 5,000 migrated in 3 days