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Scrum Master
Financial Services Financial Services Technology Technology
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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (Programmers) project manager with 3 years of experience I am passionate about developing efficient and effective solutions to challenging problems. My strengths are my dedication, organisational skills, and ability to think outside the box.

Project Management Stakeholder Management Data Analysis Process Improvement
Agile CoachingData AnalysisProcess ImprovementProject ManagementRisk MitigationStakeholder Management
Oct, 2022
project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Retail Banking Provider
As a Project Manager I headed a work-stream within the banks Privacy Change portfolio programme to implement a most suitable data management solution. I leveraged expertise in project management methodologies, collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, improved delivery time by 5%, and maintained clear and consistent communication with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. I also produced project artefacts such as project plans, training material, project reports, etc to ensure transparency across the program.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyse systems & data sets
  • Mitigate roadblocks
  • Tailor project approach
  • Collaborate with teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • On-time & in-budget delivery
  • Improved delivery time by 5%
  • Maintained communication
  • Produced project artifacts
Nov, 2021
Sep, 2022
product manager
Product Management
I have been responsible for spearheading multiple teams of developers, designers, QA to deliver Blockchain, Cross platform and full stack solutions. I have coached the teams to efficiently implement Agile principles to deliver the milestones. I have developed and maintained strong client relationships from initial onboarding through project completion, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business. I have collaborated with higher management to identify and improve processes, resulting in a 15% increase in individual performance and cost savings up to 20%. I have also clearly defined project scope from initiation to delivery to ensure on-time and in-budget delivery. I have created and maintained Project Artefacts like product roadmaps, Product backlogs, and user stories to drive product development and delivery to maintain transparency. I have also continuously monitored product performance and gathered feedback to identify areas for improvement and innovation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Spearhead multiple teams
  • Coach teams to implement Agile
  • Develop and maintain client relationships
  • Define project scope
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 15% increase in performance
  • Cost savings up to 20%
  • Strong client relationships
  • On-time and in-budget delivery
Jul, 2020
May, 2021
associate scrum master
Agile Software
I built and managed the product backlog with the PO to ensure the Dev team had a clear understanding of the deliverables. I planned the end-to-end deliverables across multiple cross functional teams including partner apps, testing teams and external clearings. I identified and cleared the impediments by understanding dependencies, calling out the risks and mitigating them throughout the project lifecycle. I chaired Scrum ceremonies and other ad-hoc management calls to ensure efficient delivery of the planned KPIs. I also assessed and improved the velocity by 30% using OKRs, team building activities etc.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Manage product backlog
  • Plan end-to-end deliverables
  • Identify & clear impediments
  • Chair Scrum ceremonies
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved velocity by 30%
  • Built and managed product backlog
  • Planned cross functional teams
  • Mitigated risks throughout project