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Business Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Technology Technology
Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing System Implementation System Implementation
About me

An Assistant Consultant at a top Risk management and advisory company – Regulatory and Legal Department since January 2022, is a versatile creator with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Surrey. With a knack for data analysis, workflow automation, and efficiency enhancement, he’s deeply engaged in data analytics and curious about organisational behaviour (#TheOfficeBehaviourSeries).

In his free time, I crafts personalised, automated tools for meal planning and financial budgeting using Excel and Google Sheets, while exploring 3D modeling and printing for creative expression. Actively pursuing online courses spanning Excel, SQL, PowerBi, and Python, he turns inspiration into projects showcased on his LinkedIn page, providing tangible demonstrations of his evolving skills. From his Assistant Consultant beginnings to future endeavours, I thrive on seizing opportunities and evolving in the dynamic landscape of data and analytics.

Data Analysis Financial Risk Management
Financial Risk ManagementSales Negotiation
Oct, 2022
Aug, 2023
assistant consultant 2
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Regulatory Risk
As an Assistant Consultant 2 with 10 months of experience, I was a key member in the plan, development and execution of an internal archiving system for the Financial Regulatory Risk Services. I focused on the creation of accurate trackers for properties associated with engagements and interfirm agreements, and code to automatically develop destination folder structures for transfer. I also assisted in conducting a benchmarking comparison of fees and penalties imposed by various EU securities authorities, prepared and submitted ICAAP and ILAAP reports to the local central bank, conducted a banking audit with a primary focus on capital risk, created initial drafts of technical and financial proposals for diverse clients, and provided guidance and support to team members in using Excel and PowerPoint.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Created trackers for properties
  • Developed destination folder structures
  • Conducted benchmarking comparison
  • Prepared and submitted reports
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Conducted banking audit
  • Created technical and financial proposals
  • Provided guidance and support
  • Assisted in plan and development of archiving system
Jan, 2022
Oct, 2022
assistant consultant 1
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Consulting firm
As an Assistant Consultant 1 with 9 months of experience, I participated in benchmark analysis of regulatory authorities across diverse jurisdictions, developed comprehensive Deloitte Academy training presentations, provided assistance in developing slide decks for training sessions, and contributed to the monthly regulatory outlook report. I also executed ICAAP and stress testing activities for Pillar II and III.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Benchmark analysis of regulatory authorities
  • Developed Deloitte Academy training presentations
  • Developed slide decks for training sessions
  • Contributed to regulatory outlook report
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Executed ICAAP and stress testing activities
  • Participated in benchmark analysis
  • Provided assistance in developing slide decks
  • Contributed to monthly regulatory outlook report
Jun, 2020
Aug, 2020
Mobile & Internet Plans
I have received comprehensive sales training and gained field experience in selling mobile and internet plans for home and work use. Proactively embracing a steep learning curve, I participated in training sessions to master effective verbal techniques and cultivate a positive client engagement approach. I then applied newly learned strategies by interacting with real clients during training, building practical experience and confidence in client interactions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Received sales training
  • Learned verbal techniques
  • Engaged with clients
  • Applied new strategies
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Mastered effective techniques
  • Built practical experience
  • Gained field experience
  • Developed positive engagement