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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialist, with 5 years of professional experience in programming, system development and analysis, database management, and IT research and development. I am a detail-oriented, hardworking, and highly motivated individual, eager to learn and develop my skills.

Database Management
Data AnalysisDeep Learning
May, 2022
sr software developer and data scientist
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
have been responsible for automating loan processing, building an NLP-based pipeline, analysing business processes, and writing T-SQL scripts. My achievements have included validating and extracting cheques, mapping phenotypes to concepts, handling multiple data sources, and evaluating, extracting and interpreting data. The technologies I have used include Python, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, GCP Vertex AI, SQL, and T-SQL.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Automate loan processing
  • Build NLP-based pipeline
  • Analyse business processes
  • Write T-SQL scripts
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Validate and extract Opima health cheques
  • Map phenotypes to concepts
  • Handle multiple data sources
  • Evaluate, extract and interpret data
Dec, 2020
Aug, 2021
data analyst
I have been creating detailed analytical financial reports, working closely with international teams and clients, managing projects and team, and developing Power BI dashboards. I have also developed ETL packages, published Power BI reports, and managed Git Hub repos. I have been involved in migration activities related to PL/SQL to SQL, and have been demoing Power BI dashboards to users.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing financial reports
  • Collaborating with international teams
  • Managing projects and team
  • Creating analytical dashboards
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created Power BI dashboards
  • Developed ETL packages
  • Published Power BI reports
  • Managed Git Hub repos
Jan, 2018
Dec, 2020
bi developer
Agricultural Solutions
I have been responsible for creating views and stored procedures, gathering and transforming data, creating data visualisations and dashboards, and creating SSIS packages to extract, transform, and load data. I have also implemented various DAX functions, provided row-level security, created SSRS reports, and scheduled and troubleshot jobs.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Created views & procedures
  • Gathered & transformed data
  • Created data visualizations
  • Created SSIS packages
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented DAX functions
  • Provided row-level security
  • Created SSRS reports
  • Scheduled & troubleshoot jobs