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About me
I am an Information and Communication Technology specialist with 4 months of experience. I am passionate about developing and analyzing systems, databases, and programs. I have a strong background in research and development in the IT field.
Data Analysis Machine Learning
Data AnalysisMachine Learning
Jan, 2022
Apr, 2022
data science intern
Data Science
As a Data Science Intern with 3 months of experience, I developed an answer assessment system using natural language processing tools, such as NLTK and Python. Additionally, I created various mini-projects, such as an image classifier, forest fire prediction, and speech & emotion recognition. The system used semantic similarity, grammar checking, and content analysis to evaluate and score long answers written by students.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed answer assessment system
  • Used NLP tools
  • Made mini-projects
  • Used semantic similarity
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Built long-form answer system
  • Used flask
  • Created image classifier
  • Made forest fire prediction
May, 2021
Jun, 2021
data science and business analytics training/internship
Data Science
I have 1 month of experience as a Data Science and Business Analytics Training/Internship. My responsibilities included performing exploratory data analysis, preprocessing and cleaning of data, predicting using Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning models, and achieving real-time data processing and storage. My achievements included building a Twitter Data Pipeline using Airflow, executing an end-to-end data engineering project to process real-time stock market data, analyzing Ethereum network transactions, and building an audio classification machine learning pipeline. I have gained skills in data cleaning, mapping, reducing, joining, and visualization using tools such as Python, Spark, and Matplotlib.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Performed exploratory data analysis
  • Preprocessing and cleaning of data
  • Prediction using Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning models
  • Real-time data processing and storage
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Twitter Data Pipeline
  • Real-time Stock Market Data Streaming
  • Analysis of Ethereum Transactions and Smart Contracts
  • Audio Classification Machine Learning pipeline