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About me

I am an experienced Finance consultant with 15 years of work experience. I specialise in financial management, providing expert advice and guidance to clients. I am committed to providing excellent customer service and helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Data Analysis Financial Analysis Risk Management Risk Assessment
Data AnalysisData TransformationFinancial AnalysisRisk AssessmentRisk Management
Jan, 2016
financial modelling consultant
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
My expertise lies in Assets Valuation and Capital Modelling process Improvement due to investment restructures. I have built and implemented multiple 2nd Line Models for Market and Credit Risks, Asset Pricing, Valuation, and Performance Measurement. I have also developed Derivative Models to replicate and simulate hedging strategies for risk exposures, Fixed Income Models for Pricing, Valuation and Risk factors, and other ad-hoc Models. I have assisted in the successful completion of a large-scale transformation project as part of new securities service offering by a Global bank, and provided extensive Capital Management support. I have also documented all Models, and provided technical support for transformation projects.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Build and implement models
  • Develop derivatives models
  • Develop fixed income models
  • Provide capital management support
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful completion of transformation project
  • Lead Assets Workstream
  • Documentation of models
  • Model calibrations and reviews
Nov, 2014
Jul, 2015
capital modelling analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Capital Modelling Analyst, I developed and documented investment/asset data models for MGM's Solvency II, validated policy data, investigated requirements for Pillar III, and consolidated Pillar III qualitative templates. I also documented the assumptions setting process, developed and validated discount rate and inflation models, and assisted other teams with ad-hoc modelling tasks. I was part of the team responsible for the Solvency II dry-run process.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed and documented investment/asset data models
  • Validated policy data
  • Investigated requirements for Pillar III
  • Consolidated Pillar III qualitative templates
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Documented assumptions setting process
  • Developed and validated discount rate and inflation models
  • Assisted other teams with ad-hoc modelling tasks
  • Part of the team responsible for the Solvency II dry-run process
Jul, 2014
Sep, 2014
financial modelling analyst
Retail Finance
I was responsible for the development and maintenance of the complex VBA finance model used by the retail finance team to report key performance indicators for the entire UK business. I also developed a new end user VBA based operational model used by store managers, regional and divisional managers to track weekly metrics. This included a dynamic interface to allow for efficient use of information. Additionally, I carried out several bespoke model improvement tasks and documented the VBA models.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Overhauled finance model
  • Developed VBA model
  • Model improvement tasks
  • Documented VBA models
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created complex VBA finance model
  • Developed end user VBA model
  • Dynamic interface
  • Efficient use of information
Nov, 2013
Jun, 2014
financial modelling analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial services
I have been working as a Financial Modelling Analyst for the past 7 months. My responsibilities have included developing cost models to capture, calculate and consolidate the bank's global business recovery program run costs, analysing the components of the associated costs by expense line, developing pricing models to provide an efficient planning tool for the corporate security business unit, and developing models to aggregate baseline financials, forecast cost reduction, monitor savings and associated costs. Additionally, I have assisted in the scenario modelling of strategic corporate real estate assets and the production of monthly financial reports to the bank's business divisions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed cost models
  • Analysed costs allocation
  • Developed pricing models
  • Developed models to aggregate financials
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Captured, calculated and consolidated costs
  • Identified recovery sites
  • Forecast cost reduction
  • Monitored savings and costs
Nov, 2012
Oct, 2013
senior investment risk analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Investment Risk Analysis
As a Senior Investment Risk Analyst with 11 months of experience, I developed and implemented a Monte Carlo investment appraisal model for the analysis of Real Estate investment risks. I developed a stochastic modelling framework to quantify key risks for multi-million-pound investment deals, including financial analysis and modelling of assets and investments, and the production of financial reports to the executive board. I also enhanced the main investment model with Dynamic financial analysis capabilities, improved the risk and performance measures used in the strategy analysis of investment options and portfolio management, and modelled nonlinear asset dependencies with copulas modelling approach.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed Monte Carlo investment model
  • Quantified key investment risks
  • Enhanced investment model
  • Improved risk and performance measures
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Stochastic modelling framework
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Market risk stresses
  • Copulas modelling approach
Dec, 2011
Jul, 2012
capital modelling analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Capital Modelling Analyst with 7 months of experience, I was part of a small capital management team that developed the internal model to calculate the overall solvency capital requirement. I developed the standard model from scratch, modelled the stress assumptions for the solvency II internal model and ICA, and calculated the capital requirements. I reported the ICA Pillar 2, SII internal model and SII standard model numbers to senior management, and documented the modelling process for the internal model and standard formula. I also performed capital sensitivity testing and scenario analysis, and was in charge of the internal model and standard model for embedding into the business.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed standard model
  • Modelled stress assumptions
  • Calculated capital requirements
  • Reported ICA Pillar 2
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created model from scratch
  • Streamlined modelling process
  • Performed capital sensitivity testing
  • Quarterly capital forecast
Feb, 2010
Dec, 2011
risk and capital consultant
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
I am a Risk and capital consultant with 2 years of experience in capital management. My responsibilities include calculations and modelling associated with Peak 1 reserves, Realistic Balance Sheet, MCEV and With-Profit fund. My achievements include Prophet development, QIS5 results, FSA enhanced mismatch and derivatives valuation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Calculating Peak 1 reserves
  • Calculating Realistic Balance Sheet
  • Calculating MCEV
  • Modelling With-Profit fund
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Prophet development
  • QIS5 results
  • FSA enhanced mismatch
  • Derivatives valuation
May, 2009
Nov, 2009
financial analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
I worked on various short-term assignments with the primary responsibility of improving model efficiency and performing financial modeling tasks such as capital adequacy, forecasting/projections, and risk assessment. During my time in this role I developed efficient models, analyzed capital adequacy, provided accurate forecasts and assessed risks.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Improving model efficiency
  • Performing capital adequacy
  • Forecasting/projections
  • Risk assessment
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed efficient models
  • Analyzed capital adequacy
  • Provided accurate forecasts
  • Assessed risks
Jun, 2008
Oct, 2008
calculations analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Calculations Analyst with 4 months of experience, I have reviewed calculations and product specifications, consulted with the IT and Products department, produced test cases and conditions, and performed data modelling tasks. I have also made suggestions and changes, outlined calculations methodology, built calculation models, and performed extensive testing of a new life and pension system. My main goal was to ensure the correct application of the calculations mechanics within the new platform.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reviewed calculations and product specifications
  • Consulted with IT and Products department
  • Produced test cases and conditions
  • Performed data modelling tasks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Suggestions and changes made
  • Outlined calculations methodology
  • Built calculation models
  • Performed extensive testing
Dec, 2007
Mar, 2008
financial analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
The role is responsible for the design, development and implementation of the corporate financial model including dynamic financial analysis feature. The worker has also improved the pricing model for equity release product design. The role requires knowledge and experience in financial modelling, analysis and product design.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Design corporate financial model
  • Implement financial model
  • Develop dynamic financial analysis
  • Improve equity release product design
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created corporate financial model
  • Successfully implemented financial model
  • Developed dynamic financial analysis
  • Improved pricing model