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Business Analyst
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About me

A highly experienced Senior Data/Business Analyst with profound experience of making significant contributions to critical, data-focused Regulatory Projects within Top-Tier Universal banks.  Highly skilled at both Data & Business Analysis and full project life-cycle activities for delivery to stakeholders incl. Compliance and Regulatory Reporting departments. Data Management skills include Conceptual and Physical Data Modelling, Business & Technical Data Architecture, Data Sourcing, Data Quality Assessment & Remediation.  Ability to build and sustain solid relationships with stakeholders to MDR level across time-zones.  Additional experience of Project Management, Issue/Risk Management, Status Reporting, IT Support, Test Preparation & Execution.

Leadership Business Analysis Data Analysis Project Management
Business AnalysisCommunicationData AnalysisLeadershipProblem SolvingProcess ImprovementProject Management
Sep, 2022
Mar, 2023
principal consultant
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
As a Principal Consultant with six months of experience in the Regulatory Solutions practice, I have developed and executed strategies, provided regulatory advice, managed client relationships and led project teams. My achievements include resolving complex regulatory issues, improving operational efficiency, creating new business processes and identifying new opportunities.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing and executing strategies
  • Providing regulatory advice
  • Managing client relationships
  • Leading project teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Resolved complex regulatory issues
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Created new business processes
  • Identified new opportunities
Apr, 2020
May, 2022
senior business analyst contract
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
I am a Senior Business Analyst Consultant with 3 years of experience. My main responsibilities include Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Production Support and Project Management. I have achieved extensive liaison with Finance, Operations, Compliance and offshore Development.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Production Support
  • Project Management
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Liaison with Finance
  • Liaison with Operations
  • Liaison with Compliance
  • Assisted with offshore Development
Apr, 2018
Mar, 2020
A one-year extended sabbatical following 25 years of working experience. Achievements included developing family relationships, exploring new cultures, gaining new knowledge, and discovering new career opportunities.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Family support
  • Travel planning
  • Education research
  • Career exploration
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed family relationships
  • Explored new cultures
  • Gained new knowledge
  • Discovered new career opportunities
Jul, 2014
Mar, 2018
senior business analyst contract
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Senior Business Analyst, I worked on Regulatory projects across various banks, including MiFID II, EMIR and Dodd Frank Transaction Reporting and Product/Investment Suitability. I was responsible for performing full range of business and data analysis activities, developing Transaction Reporting, optimising Product/Investment Suitability, providing insights into Regulatory projects, and delivering data analysis results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Performed business and data analysis
  • Worked on Regulatory projects
  • Covered various banks
  • Incl. MiFID II, EMIR and Dodd Frank
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed Transaction Reporting
  • Optimised Product/Investment Suitability
  • Provided insights into Regulatory projects
  • Delivered data analysis results
Jan, 2008
Dec, 2014
lead data analyst vp
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Technology Partner
I am a Lead Analyst in the Compliance CDO area with 7 years of experience. My responsibilities include providing advice on data sourcing, defining data agreements, logical data modelling, and data quality analysis. My achievements include introducing a Compliance Data Warehouse, acting as a trusted SME for Compliance stakeholders, identifying the front-to-back IT landscape, and defining the yearly Book of Work.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Data sourcing advice
  • Data agreement definition
  • Logical data modelling
  • Data quality analysis
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Introduced Compliance Data Warehouse
  • Acted as SME for Compliance stakeholders
  • Front-to-back IT landscape identification
  • Defined yearly Book of Work
Jan, 2000
Dec, 2008
senior business analyst contract
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
I have been a Senior Business Analyst Contractor for 9 years, providing full range of business and data analysis activities on Regulatory Compliance projects. I have developed Regulatory Compliance projects, maintained data accuracy, improved business processes, and identified system enhancements.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Large Shareholdings reporting
  • Trade Surveillance
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Remediation & Audit Findings
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed Regulatory Compliance projects
  • Maintained data accuracy
  • Improved business processes
  • Identified system enhancements
Jan, 1998
Dec, 2000
senior business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Senior Business Analyst with 3 years of experience, I was responsible for full project life-cycle activities on a Capital Adequacy Reporting (CAD II) Data Warehouse based on UK FCA rules. My responsibilities included managing the project life-cycle activities, developing the Data Warehouse, ensuring CAD II compliance, and following UK FCA rules. During my time in this role, I achieved successful project delivery, improved Data Warehouse performance, reduced the time of CAD II compliance, and ensured UK FCA compliance.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Manage project life-cycle activities
  • Develop Data Warehouse
  • Ensure CAD II compliance
  • Follow UK FCA rules
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivered successful project
  • Improved Data Warehouse performance
  • Reduced time of CAD II compliance
  • Ensured UK FCA compliance
Jan, 1995
Dec, 1998
business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
IT consulting
As a Business Analyst with 4 years of experience, I have been involved in IT projects in Market Supervision & Regulation departments. My responsibilities included gathering business requirements, data analysis and modelling, developing solutions, and testing and validating solutions. My achievements included improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, delivered projects on time, and improved customer satisfaction.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Gathering business requirements
  • Data analysis and modelling
  • Developing solutions
  • Testing and validating solutions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Delivered projects on time
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Jan, 1992
Dec, 1995
software developer
I worked as a Software Developer for 4 years, including for Phillips N.V. During this time, I developed software solutions, managed codebase and deployments, troubleshooted and resolved software issues, and collaborated with team members and stakeholders. I achieved improved software performance, resolved software bugs efficiently, created innovative software solutions, and reduced software development time. My primary industry was Technology.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed software solutions
  • Managed codebase and deployments
  • Troubleshooted and resolved software issues
  • Collaborated with team members and stakeholders
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved software performance
  • Resolved software bugs efficiently
  • Created innovative software solutions
  • Reduced software development time