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Business Analyst
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Business Intelligence Analyst
Health Care Health Care Information Technology Information Technology Public Sector Public Sector
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
About me

I am an experienced IT R&D Professional and Marketing and Advertising Personnel with 19 years of work experience. I specialize in communication, marketing and public relations, helping companies to build strong relationships with their customers. Organised and highly analytical Data Analyst offering 20+ years of experience. Offers exceptional communication, a perceptive and logical approach with a proven ability to speak with both technical professionals and end users to identify and translate business requirements. Possesses experience in driving data accuracy and integrity with an outstanding ability to analyse complex data through a proactive, industrious and detail orientated approach.

SQL Python Data Analysis Time Management
Data AnalysisPythonSQLStatistical AnalysisTeam ManagementTime Management
Sep, 2021
Dec, 2021
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Start-up consultancy
Provided expert guidance to a start-up in the fitness, wellness and food industry. Developed a successful SEO content strategy to increase website traffic and awareness. Ensured high programme quality by identifying and addressing opportunities for improvement.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed SEO content strategy
  • Identified opportunities for improvement
  • Ensured high programme quality
  • Maintained awareness
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved programme quality
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Grew start-up
Nov, 2019
Nov, 2020
insight data analyst
Health CareHealth Care
Cancer Support
Provided insightful data analysis and reporting to inform and optimize marketing campaigns and initiatives. Utilized SQL, Python and Excel to calculate success of campaigns, evaluate project outcomes and ensure data consistency against business needs. Coordinated statistical data analysis, design and information flow.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Created deep-dive data analysis
  • Calculated success of campaigns
  • Evaluated project outcomes
  • Ensured data consistency
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Proved campaign effectiveness
  • Factored inflation into success
  • Used statistical analysis
  • Determined optimal courses of action
May, 2019
Sep, 2019
data analyst /journalist
Innovative data solutions
A highly experienced Data Analyst Journalist, adept at researching and writing analytical articles around trends in global prices of agricultural commodities such as coffee, corn, soybeans and wheat. Skilled in updating HTML tables logging market analyst estimates for countries' commodity supplies and task prioritisation and time management to work on multiple projects simultaneously, submitting deliverables within agreed timeframes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Researching and writing analytical articles
  • Updating HTML tables
  • Task prioritisation and time management
  • Submitting deliverables within agreed timeframes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Provided accurate and timely analysis
  • Developed successful strategies for data collection
  • Maintained high standards of accuracy and reliability
  • Created meaningful insights from complex data sets
Jan, 2017
Aug, 2017
data analyst
Public SectorPublic Sector
Data Analysis
Provided contract monitoring to ensure public money was spent efficiently on services such as sexual health and smoking cessation. Investigated disparities in pharmacy claims for needle exchange services. Gathered and analysed data to identify key issues, patterns and trends. Applied data modelling and statistical analysis to note trends and draw conclusions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Contract monitoring
  • Investigated disparities
  • Gathered and analysed data
  • Applied data modelling
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Ensured public money was well spent
  • Identified key issues, patterns and trends
  • Noted trends and drew conclusions
  • Proved disparities in sexual health services
Jul, 2000
Dec, 2016
business reporter editor data journalist web analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Data-driven journalism
A highly experienced Business Reporter Editor with a background in data journalism and web analytics. Expertise in reporting on high-profile business stories, managing a small team to write for various publications, establishing web desks and social media profiles, overseeing analytics programmes and leading audience market research. Experienced in developing scripts to deliver custom analytics reports and creating data-driven content plans.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reporting high-profile business stories
  • Managing a small team
  • Establishing web desks and social media profiles
  • Overseeing analytics programmes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developing scripts to deliver custom analytics reports
  • Creating data-driven content plans
  • Leading audience market research
  • Launching two new West Midlands websites