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Data Engineer
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Business Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Information Technology Information Technology Public Sector Public Sector
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing System Implementation System Implementation
About me

Detail-oriented Data Analyst with a strong track record of delivering measurable outcomes through data-driven insights and analysis. Skilled in analyzing complex datasets, identifying trends, and providing data visualizations that drive operational efficiency. Over 4 years of work experience in the banking sector, collaborating with cross-functional teams to optimize processes and deliver exceptional service. A dedicated professional focused on delivering measurable results and making a significant impact in data analyst roles across various industries.

SQL Data Analysis Statistical Analysis Mentoring and Coaching
Data AnalysisMentoring and CoachingSQLStatistical Analysis
Feb, 2023
May, 2023
insights data analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Data Insights
Provided clients with data-driven decision making and user-friendly reports and dashboards. Streamlined data extraction, transformation and loading from multiple sources, reducing processing time by 50%. Assessed and improved data quality, resulting in 25% improvement in accuracy. Generated actionable insights and recommendations through analysis of complex data sets.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Streamlined data extraction
  • Transformed and loaded data
  • Assessed data quality
  • Generated insights and recommendations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reduced processing time by 50%
  • Improved data accuracy by 25%
  • Provided data-driven decision making
  • Created user-friendly reports and dashboards
Jun, 2018
Dec, 2022
operations analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial services
An Operations Analyst with a proven track record of developing and implementing performance dashboards, conducting monthly and yearly analyses, leveraging advanced Excel techniques, utilising data-driven insights to craft strategic improvements, and employing statistical analysis to reduce customer waiting time. Resulting in elevated customer satisfaction levels.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop and implement performance dashboards
  • Conduct monthly and yearly analyses
  • Leverage advanced Excel techniques
  • Utilize data-driven insights
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Craft strategic improvements
  • Employ statistical analysis
  • Reduce customer waiting time
  • Elevate customer satisfaction levels
Nov, 2016
Oct, 2017
mathematics teacher
Public SectorPublic Sector
Educational services
Provided mathematics instruction to secondary school students according to the school curriculum. Assessed student progress through tests, quizzes and other assignments. Supported struggling students by reviewing their work and providing guidance to boost success chances. Facilitated community development programs for students.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide mathematics instruction
  • Assess student progress
  • Support struggling students
  • Facilitate community development programs
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved student performance
  • Provided guidance to students
  • Developed successful programs
  • Promoted student engagement