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About me

I am a post-graduate qualified Data Scientist and Computer Scientist with a strong background in both technical and non-technical sectors. I have gained an in-depth knowledge of Data Science and have experience in various fields that have fuelled my interest in Data. I am open-minded, a team player and have leadership qualities. I am always eager to learn something new from every experience.

Data Analysis Machine Learning SQL Communication
C++)CommunicationCustomer ServiceData AnalysisData ScienceLogisticsMachine LearningProblem SolvingSocial Media MarketingSQL
Feb, 2023
Jul, 2023
data analyst data consultant intern
Professional services business
Provided data cleaning and analysis for complex datasets, utilizing MS Excel to standardize and correct values. Developed data strategies, created data visualizations, and managed data security. Assisted with identifying patterns, trends, and insights from data, and communicated complex information effectively.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Data cleaning of complex datasets
  • Applying formatting rules and standardizing units of measurement
  • Developing data strategies and creating data visualizations
  • Managing and securing data
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Identified and corrected errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in datasets
  • Interpreted data and derived meaningful conclusions
  • Developed dashboards and reports to communicate complex information
  • Assisted with analysing complex data sets and identifying patterns, trends, and insights
Apr, 2022
Oct, 2022
data science assistant
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Professional Services
Developed a Chrome Extension called NewsAgent to verify news sources and authors. Utilised web scraping, data collection, analysis and data science techniques to identify additional sites where authors' articles were published. Leveraged HTML and JavaScript to create a seamless user experience. Demonstrated expertise in web development, data collection, data analysis and data science.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed Chrome Extension
  • Collected data
  • Analyzed data
  • Developed user experience
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Solved complex problems
  • Created value for end-users
  • Demonstrated expertise
  • Delivered successful project
Aug, 2019
Nov, 2019
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Brandzone Entertainment
Developed an application called Buyzone for the company and its client, with the team. Collected data and evidence regarding existing applications, analysed data to synthesise the required result, worked closely with the IT team to develop two applications, researched and analysed sources and data files. Received good feedback and Buyzone continues to bring revenue to the company.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Collected data and evidence
  • Analysed data
  • Developed applications
  • Researched and analysed
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully developed Buyzone
  • Received good feedback
  • Continued to bring revenue
  • Worked closely with IT team
Aug, 2018
Jan, 2019
customer service associate
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Professional Services
Provided skilled assistance to customers in a fast-paced environment, anticipating their needs and providing appropriate solutions. Modified and refined offerings to meet changing customer requirements and worked with Amazon logistics team to analyse orders and deliveries. Supported customers' accounts team in data analysis.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Serving customers
  • Anticipating needs
  • Refining offerings
  • Analysing data
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Provided skilled assistance
  • Met changing customer requirements
  • Worked with Amazon logistics
  • Supported customers' accounts
Jun, 2017
Aug, 2017
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Professional Services
Provided expertise in digital transformation, collecting data from security cameras and developing mobile and desktop applications to check vehicle entries digitally. Constructed a mobile application prototype for the security team. Utilised SQL, Power BI, Excel and Tableau for data extraction, analysis, organisation, automation and visualisation. Gained insights into audience preferences, engagement and viewership patterns.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Collecting data from security cameras
  • Developing mobile and desktop applications
  • Constructing a mobile application prototype
  • Data extraction, analysis, organisation and automation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Provided a prototype that was further developed and is still being used
  • Identified patterns in the data
  • Developed visualisations using Power BI
  • Gained insights into audience preferences