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Data Analyst
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About me

I have worked as a results-oriented Data Analyst and Reporting Specialist in the IT and Education sectors for 22 years. I am proficient in SQL Server, PL/SQL, Excel, Power BI and Tableau. I am proficient in data cleansing, standardization and reporting. I have strong problem-solving and communication skills.

Data Analysis
Jan, 2000
data analysis and reporting specialist
Education Staff
As a Data Analysis and Reporting specialist with years of experience, I have evaluated performance of 350-person education staff across 10 schools, analyzing individual, departmental, and institutional metrics. I have conducted weekly, monthly, annual, and 5-year comparative enrollment analyses for 10 schools, identifying trends and providing actionable insights. I have also provided training on the K12Net School Automation system, ensuring its effective and accurate usage across all schools. Additionally, I have cleaned, standardized, and reported data from various school events, enabling targeted audience identification for promotional purposes. Furthermore, I have created and evaluated parent satisfaction surveys quarterly, presenting findings to senior management. Lastly, I have generated demographic reports for academic and administrative staff in the HR department.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Conducted weekly, monthly, annual and 5-year comparative enrollment analyses
  • Provided training on K12Net School Automation system
  • Cleaned, standardized and reported data from school events
  • Created and evaluated parent satisfaction surveys
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Identified trends and provided actionable insights
  • Ensured effective and accurate usage of K12Net School Automation system
  • Enabled targeted audience identification for promotional purposes
  • Presented findings to senior management
Jun, 2000
Sep, 2000
IT services
As an Internship with 3 months of experience in the Vestel Vee-Care department, I was responsible for the establishment and management of networks consisting of various servers. My duties included developing solutions to optimize server performance, ensuring reliable server performance, and providing technical support. During my time at the department, I was able to successfully implement the networks, improve system efficiency, and provide technical support.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Establish and manage networks
  • Develop solutions to optimize performance
  • Ensure reliable server performance
  • Provide technical support
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented networks
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Provided technical support
  • Optimized server performance