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Data Engineer
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Business Intelligence Analyst
Information Technology Information Technology
System Implementation System Implementation
About me
I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) System Developer and Analyst, Database Specialist and Insurance and Finance professional with 11 years of work experience. I specialize in developing efficient and secure systems, managing databases and providing financial advice.
Data Analysis Leadership Data Warehouse Data Analysis
Data AnalysisData WarehouseLeadership
Aug, 2019
senior solution developer
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Data Solutions Provider
Provided key stakeholders with interactive insights using Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel and SQL to improve decision-making processes. Developed and maintained solutions using multiple technicalities in ORYX and SQL queries. Generated Balance sheets, Profit and Loss statements and Board reports for financial accountants. Leveraged PowerApps to build user friendly data entry interfaces and streamline data input processes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Liaise with stakeholders on Data design and Data modelling
  • Develop and maintain solutions using ORYX and SQL queries
  • Generate financial reports using Microsoft Power BI
  • Leverage PowerApps to build data entry interfaces
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved decision-making processes
  • Optimised DAX queries to meet business logic
  • Delivered analytical solutions
  • Streamlined data input processes
Jun, 2015
Dec, 2017
senior bi developer
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Professional Services
Provided clients with comprehensive understanding of data content and established detailed business requirements. Utilised Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau to create reports, graphs, dashboards and visualisations. Optimised data extraction, transformation and loading processes for Tableau dashboards. Generated periodic reports for strategic decision making. Led a team in migrating Qlikview dashboards to Tableau for improved user experience.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Collaborating with clients
  • Employing Business Intelligence tools
  • Optimising ETL processes
  • Leading a team
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created custom Power Query functions
  • Enabled data driven insights
  • Improved user experience
  • Provided strategic decision making
Mar, 2013
Jun, 2015
bi developer
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Professional services
The Business Intelligence Developer was responsible for the successful adoption of Qlikview as the primary BI tool, providing training sessions and designing interactive dashboards to facilitate data insights discovery. They conducted regular data validation and quality checks, as well as designing and implementing a robust Data warehouse architecture and reporting efficiency. The developer also worked closely with data engineers to ensure integration of new data sources into the data warehouse, enhancing the data available for analysis.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Adoption of Qlikview as primary BI tool
  • Design interactive dashboards
  • Data validation and quality checks
  • Design and implement Data warehouse architecture
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Conducted training sessions for team and users
  • Gathered requirements from business users
  • Optimized database performance for reporting
  • Integrated new data sources into data warehouse
Mar, 2011
Feb, 2013
Technical excellence
A highly experienced software developer with an extensive background in developing business requirement documents, creating automation tools using VBA macros, designing reports and charts in SSRS, contributing to documentation and accounting, writing test cases, and manual testing of project components. Possesses a strong ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful production of error-free projects.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams
  • Generating automation tools
  • Designing reports and charts
  • Contributing to documentation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Generating Excel reports and charts
  • Embedding C# into reports and charts
  • Writing test cases
  • Manual testing of project components