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Cloud Engineer
Information Technology Information Technology
BAU BAU Digital Transformation Digital Transformation System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultant and specialist with 10 years of work experience. I specialize in network engineering and have expertise in developing and implementing ICT solutions for businesses. I am passionate about finding creative ways to use technology to improve business operations and increase efficiency.

Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) Cloud Security Data Privacy and Security Network Security Solutions
AzureCloud ArchitectureCloud GovernanceCloud Platforms (AWSCloud SecurityCloud Security ManagementCybersecurity Incident ResponseData ArchitectureData GovernanceData Privacy and SecurityData Privacy ComplianceEnterprise ArchitectureGoogle Cloud)IT Security StandardsNetwork ProtocolsNetwork SecurityNetwork Security SolutionsNetwork TroubleshootingSecurity ArchitectureSecurity ManagementTechnical Solution DesignVirtual Private Networks (VPNs)
May, 2023
cyber security consultant
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Cybersecurity Consultancy
Provided comprehensive security assessments of Azure Environments, and implemented secure development principles to ensure compliance with industry standards and data privacy regulations. Assisted customers in implementing conditional access, data privacy, MFA and other security measures as per the CIS benchmarks.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide comprehensive security assessments
  • Implement secure development principles
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards
  • Implement security measures as per CIS benchmarks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented conditional access
  • Ensured data privacy
  • Implemented MFA
  • Achieved compliance with regulations
Jan, 2023
May, 2023
cloud security engineer
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Cloud security
Provided professional advisory services to customers, interpreting security findings and fostering comprehension of security controls. Implemented Azure Information Protection, and executed optimal security practices. Advised on Azure and M365 Security, identified and rectified privacy risks. Educated clients on the importance of data privacy and sensitive information.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Interpreting security findings
  • Implementing Azure Information Protection
  • Identifying & rectifying privacy risks
  • Educating clients on data privacy
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Executing optimal security practices
  • Advised on Azure & M365 Security
  • Fostering comprehension of security controls
  • Raised awareness of sensitive information
Jan, 2022
Aug, 2022
security architect
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Security Architect
Provided comprehensive security assessments and devised robust security architectural designs using cloud-native services to ensure customer's Microsoft environment was secure and compliant. Collaborated with Business/Product Owners and Application/Dev Teams to comprehend their requirements and delivered remediation to address security gaps. Assisted customers in implementing Azure Active Directory, PIM, information protection, DLP, and other advanced IAM scopes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide security assessments
  • Devise security architecture
  • Collaborate with stakeholders
  • Deliver remediation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Secure and compliant environment
  • Comprehend requirements
  • Implement IAM scopes
  • Address security gaps
Jul, 2021
Jan, 2022
cloud architect
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Cloud Architect
Provided expertise in the design and implementation of cloud-based security solutions for multi-cloud environments. Utilised Microsoft technologies to implement Azure security workspaces, cloud-based IAM solutions, MIP and classification. Established Landing Zones for cloud subscriptions based on CAF. Configured and managed hybrid connectivity for Azure, AWS and GCP. Implemented WAF and Azure Front Door solutions. Managed cloud security utilising Azure AD protection, PIM and Cloud DLP. Monitored and implemented service endpoints for internal connectivity.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Design and implement cloud-based security solutions
  • Implement Azure security workspaces
  • Establish Landing Zones for cloud subscriptions
  • Configure and manage hybrid connectivity
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented WAF and Azure Front Door solutions
  • Managed cloud security utilising Azure AD protection
  • Implemented MIP and classification
  • Monitored and implemented service endpoints
Sep, 2019
Jun, 2021
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
This candidate has a comprehensive understanding of network security, cloud and security teams, and auditing/risk assessments. They have experience in designing and implementing hybrid connectivity solutions, virtual networks, and web application firewalls. They have also been successful in delivering presentations to customers, and have assisted clients in remediation efforts.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designing and implementing hybrid connectivity solutions
  • Developing virtual networks
  • Implementing web application firewalls
  • Conducting auditing/risk assessments
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Delivering presentations to customers
  • Assisting clients in remediation efforts
  • Comprehensive understanding of network security
  • Experience with cloud and security teams
Oct, 2014
Aug, 2019
senior security analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Global Service Delivery Center
Provided service through Global Service Delivery Center (GSDC) for Asia Pacific Region (ANZ, GCG, ASEAN, INDIA); designed and implemented secure network infrastructures; coordinated with project managers for successful implementation of projects; managed security operations; collaborated closely with multiple teams to plan and execute data center migrations; implemented Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), Virtual Networks (VNETs), Network Security Groups (NSGs), VPNs and other network and security technologies; minimalised downtime and disruptions to critical services.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provided service for Asia Pacific Region
  • Designed and implemented secure networks
  • Coordinated with project managers
  • Managed security operations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Planned and executed data center migrations
  • Implemented network and security technologies
  • Minimised downtime and disruptions
  • Collaborated with multiple teams
Feb, 2013
Oct, 2014
network engineer
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Network Engineering
The Network Engineer was responsible for collaborating with cross-functional teams and installing and maintaining LAN/WAN infrastructure and security perimeter devices. The successful candidate ensured continuous operation and adherence to security standards.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Collaborate with teams
  • Install LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Maintain security perimeter devices
  • Ensure continuous operation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed network solutions
  • Optimised system performance
  • Implemented security protocols
  • Provided technical support