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About me

I am a specialist in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). I have 12 years of work experience, including 4 years of management experience. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills.

Data Governance Data Modeling Data Migration
Data GovernanceData MigrationData Modeling
Feb, 2023
data governance
Data Governance
The role of the worker is to define key performance indicators for quality and compliance metrics to ensure related data policies and standards are adhered to. They will contribute to the development and continuous improvement of the Data Governance operating model, data catalogues and knowledge bases. They will also support the Data Management lifecycle across the organisation and provide relevant Data governance input. They will be responsible for database developments and associated technologies design and will hold a strategic view to inform key strategic developments.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Define KPIs for data policies
  • Develop Data Governance model
  • Support Data Management lifecycle
  • Define role-based views
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Secure and accurate data governance
  • Continuous improvement of Data Governance
  • Delivery of database developments
  • Strategic view of data governance
Dec, 2019
Jan, 2023
data migration
Data Migration
I have been working as a Java/J2EE, JSP/Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Data Migration worker for 3 years and 1 month. My responsibilities include managing project deliverables end-to-end, platform upgrade planning, weekly status summaries, release audit and DMSC audit, and developing and modifying systems to meet client needs. I have achieved success in developing an analyzer tool to automate the analysis and inventory of legacy database objects, and a code converter tool suite from ETL code to modern systems. I have also been successful in liaising between business and technical personnel to ensure a mutual understanding of processes and applications.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing project deliverables
  • Platform upgrade planning
  • Weekly status summaries
  • Release audit and DMSC audit
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developing and modifying systems
  • Orchestration plan and deployment tracking
  • Analyzer tool automation
  • Liaising between business and technical personnel
Nov, 2015
Dec, 2019
technology lead
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
I have 5 years of experience as a Technology Lead in Bank Of America's Banking domain. My role includes working on projects like Scrum updates and closure, Client Demo and Application walkthrough, refinement of Requirements from the Product Backlog, Bi-Weekly demo with client, Angular 7 project code deployment, Backend spring boot project code deployment, Defect tracking and closure, Client Reporting with Project health, Segregation of Backend and UI component. I have used technologies such as Java, Spring, Hibernate, Angular 7, IBM RAD, WebSphere, Soap and Rest API Webservices.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Scrum updates and closure
  • Client Demo and Application walkthrough
  • Refinement of Requirements from the Product Backlog
  • Bi-Weekly demo with client
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Angular 7 project code deployment
  • Backend spring boot project code deployment
  • Defect tracking and closure
  • Client Reporting with Project health
Oct, 2011
Nov, 2015
senior software engineer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
As a Senior Software Engineer with 5 years of experience, I was responsible for developing major modules in application as full stack developer. I was involved in daily Scrum updates and Oracle 11g query writing to facilitate functioning of the modules. I also created UI with jQuery to handle object data model from servlet layer. I wrote Spring, Spring Boot and Hibernate code, picked up defects raised in Quality Center, fixed them and shared for Regression Testing. I deployed the application in Development and Production environment and rolled out the application in 24 states of US with Java Rule Engines for execution.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop major modules
  • Scrum updates
  • Write Oracle queries
  • Create UI with jQuery
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Deploy application in Dev & Prod
  • Rollout application in 24 states
  • Fix defects for Regression Testing
  • Use Java Rule Engines for execution