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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional with 17 years of work experience, including 15 years of management experience. I  specialise in programming and IT testing.

Cloud Infrastructure Test Planning Leadership
Cloud InfrastructureLeadershipTest Planning
May, 2019
Dec, 2022
test manager
Software Company
As a Test Manager Consultant with 4 years of experience, I have been responsible for leading testing for all applications across Sargent Disc's software division, executing test plans, strategies and delivery, and successfully leading migrations. I have also been responsible for establishing QA processes, automation tools, strategy and framework, and directly liaising with business users in defining test strategy. I have also been responsible for strategically planning and managing scheduling between various test environments.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading testing
  • Executing test plan
  • Migrating Sage to Oracle
  • Establishing QA processes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully led Sage to Oracle migration
  • Successfully led Pensions software migration
  • Directly liaised with business users
  • Strategically planned and managed scheduling
Aug, 2018
Apr, 2019
test manager functional and uat
Software Solutions
As a Test Manager Functional and UAT Consultant with 8 months of experience, I was responsible for leading testing across various test streams spread globally within Elsevier's Marketing Data Platform project. I owned and maintained test documentation creation including test plan, test strategy, daily defect summary report, daily test execution summary report, resource plan, capacity plan and test delivery plan. I planned, managed and executed various test phases including SIT, E2E, Regression, UAT, exploratory testing in an agile scrum environment. I was also responsible for big data testing within AWS cloud setup using EMR, Lambda, S3 Storage and MySQL RDBMS. Additionally, I used JIRA for test management including creating test execution workflows using Zephyr, dashboard creation, reviewing user stories, acceptance criteria, test estimation, planning, execution, logging defects as part of sprint and delivery.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading testing globally
  • Creating test documentation
  • Testing in AWS cloud
  • Test management using JIRA
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful delivery of project
  • Big data testing
  • Defect triage
  • Involved with stakeholders
Aug, 2017
Jul, 2018
programme test manager uat
Global IT Solutions
As a Programme Test Manager UAT Consultant, I have been responsible for heading UAT for a large-scale migration program across multiple projects globally. My duties have included managing and executing various test phases, creating test documentation, testing databases, managing offshore teams, and integrating BDD into the CI/CD pipeline. I have successfully executed UAT, created a test plan and strategy, managed multiple projects globally, and integrated BDD into CI/CD.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing UAT
  • Test documentation
  • Database testing
  • Managing offshore teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully executed UAT
  • Created test plan and strategy
  • Managed multiple projects globally
  • Integrated BDD into CI/CD
May, 2012
Oct, 2015
qa manager
QA Management
I am a QA Manager Consultant with four years of experience, leading an offshore team of twenty people in an agile scrum environment. I have created and maintained test plans, test schedules, test summaries, and test execution reports. I have also tested complex license purchasing systems across multiple online and mobile apps systems. I have led testing for access control mechanism for webapp and access control decision service, validated XML, ran XQuery on MarkLogic, checked logs, and performed database validation checks. I have also been part of automation with teams, writing Cucumber scenarios. Additionally, I have tested Wiley Payment gateway system for PCI compliance and performed security testing using open source tools.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Lead offshore team
  • Create/maintain reports
  • Cross browser testing
  • Test license system
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Tested complex system
  • Leading access control
  • Validated XML/Database
  • Supervised front end testing
May, 2017
Aug, 2017
qa manager
QA Consulting
My key responsibilities include creating, designing and executing test deliverables, functional testing of applications, developing automation test frameworks, and providing accurate and timely reporting of test outcomes. I have achieved success in creating test plans and strategies, developing test automation frameworks, integrating tests continuously, and defining QA processes, tools, and technologies. I have used various tools and technologies such as Java, Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber, TestNG, Git, CircleCI, and Zenhub for issues and test management.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating test deliverables
  • Functional testing application
  • Developing automation framework
  • Continuous integration
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Test plan and strategy creation
  • Test automation framework development
  • Continuous integration of tests
  • Defining QA process, tools, and technologies
Oct, 2015
May, 2017
qa manager
QA Consultancy
I have been responsible for leading and defining QA process, QMS, tools and technologies for testing. I have proposed, defined and implemented testing for IOS apps on iPad, cross-browser testing of different websites. I have also had experience in build, configuration and support of environments including working knowledge of Release/Change management core principles. I have completed hands on Testing websites end to end, IOS apps, cross browser testing, and salesforce QA of IVA's. I have also written and executed complex SQL queries against database setup. Additionally, I have created, designed and executed various test deliverables including Test plan, Test strategy, Capacity plan, manual and automated tests, Smoke tests, High level Regression test pack, Full regression test suite, End to End test suit, System and Integration test packs. I have also provided accurate and timely reporting of test outcomes at all stages of SDLC.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading and defining QA process
  • Proposed, defined testing
  • Writing and executing SQL queries
  • Creating, designing test deliverables
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented testing for IOS apps
  • Complete hands on Testing websites
  • Release/Change management core principles
  • In depth Test Management using Jira
Oct, 2011
May, 2012
qa test analyst
Software Testing
I have created test cases and test plans based on functional specifications, coded automation scripts using QTP, tested POS system for bets places across multiple parallel bets, tested windows services and client application for high street betting clients on windows platform, tested betting application across multiple browsers, and executed automation test sets/scripts and reported the bugs in Sourceforge and JIRA. I have also reported results in Test Rail.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Created test cases & plans
  • Coded automation scripts
  • Tested POS system & windows services
  • Tested betting application
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reported bugs in Sourceforge
  • Reported bugs in JIRA
  • Executed automation test sets
  • Reported results in Test Rail
Feb, 2008
Sep, 2011
lead test engineer
Software Testing
I have been responsible for executing test cases, testing complex POS systems, reviewing work items, and releasing builds. I have achieved successes such as debugging code changes, maintaining VM Labs, reducing defect resolution time, and receiving Client appreciation. I have used tools such as QC 9.0, QTP, Selenium, TFS, VMware, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2005/2008.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Executed test cases
  • Tested complex POS system
  • Reviewed work items
  • BVT and Released builds
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Debugged code changes
  • Maintained VM Labs
  • Reduced defect resolution time
  • Received Client appreciation
Jan, 2007
Feb, 2008
lead hcl technologies
Technology Solutions
I have successfully managed a team of 4 people and integrated & managed the module with timely deliverables and good team work. I have also been involved in Requirements gathering with GE architects and development team, created test cases using functional requirements, and executed Test Sets & reported bugs in Quality Center. My work has been highly appreciated by the client for its high quality and timely delivery.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Lead a team of 4
  • Requirements gathering
  • Created test cases
  • Executed Test Sets & Reporting bugs
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Integrated & managed the module
  • Interaction with GE architects
  • High quality of timely deliverables
  • Received client appreciation
Mar, 2006
Dec, 2006
test director
Software development
My key responsibilities include writing custom functions, developing various add-ins, testing QC & TD functionality, and interacting with clients & R&D team. During this period, I have successfully tested QC & TD, developed various add-ins, resolved client issues, and provided solutions to problems. My experience in the domain is supported by the tools and technologies such as Test Director, Quality Center, LR (Basic Level), QTP, SQL Server, MS-Excel.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Writing custom functions
  • Developing add-ins
  • Testing QC & TD functionality
  • Interacting with clients & R&D team
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully tested QC & TD
  • Developed various add-ins
  • Resolved client issues
  • Provided solutions to problems