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Change Analyst
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Health Care Health Care Mergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations Mergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations
Mergers, Acquisitions and Integrations Mergers, Acquisitions and Integrations Target Operating Model Design Target Operating Model Design
About me

I am an experienced Sales and Trading and Production Manager with 8 years of work experience. I specialise in providing efficient solutions to operational issues, while ensuring customer satisfaction. I am dedicated to achieving organisational objectives and delivering quality results.

Leadership Process Improvement Change Leadership Project Management
Change LeadershipLeadershipProcess ImprovementProject ManagementStakeholder Management
Jan, 2023
Aug, 2023
lead business analyst
Marketplace solutions
Managed a team in providing a marketplace model for a large retail partner. Integrated with a 3rd party to enable them to sell marketplace & dropship products. Oversaw onboarding of retailers' suppliers/products and made stock in store available for sale. Documented processes for fulfilment to showcase offerings to end clients.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading a team
  • Integrating with a 3rd party
  • Onboarding suppliers/products
  • Documenting fulfilment processes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful roll out of marketplace model
  • Made stock in store available for sale
  • Integration with 3rd party
  • Documentation of processes
Jan, 2020
Dec, 2021
senior business analyst
Technology consultancy
Delivered process improvement to the end-to-end business-to-business order fulfilment model, resulting in circa £800k in additional sales. Led roll-out of EDI to 118 active customers worldwide via a third-party provider. Ensured successful presentation and approval of proposed solution by senior leadership team.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Lead delivery of B2B process improvement
  • Propose and present solution to SLT
  • Roll-out EDI to B2B customers
  • Manage third-party provider
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Generated additional £800k in sales
  • Presented and approved solution to SLT
  • Rolled out EDI to 118 customers
  • Successfully managed third-party provider
Jun, 2022
Nov, 2022
senior business analyst
Mergers, Acquisitions, and IntegrationsMergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations
Process improvement
Provided expert guidance in process improvement and devised a target operating model to increase efficiency. Led business training, technical roll-out, and testing, all within a strict 6-month timeline. Delivered successful results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading process improvement
  • Devising target operating model
  • Conducting business training
  • Managing technical roll-out and testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully delivered project within strict timeline
  • Improved efficiency of fulfilment processes
  • Ensured all warehouse processes were captured
  • Rolled out functionality across further brands
Jan, 2022
Jun, 2022
senior business analyst
Health CareHealth Care
Healthwork Group Ltd
Provided strategic guidance to the Programme Director in the merger of two of the UK's largest occupational health organisations. Mapped current state processes for both entities and sub entities, focusing on Operations, Marketing, and Finance. Suggestions were signed off by the Senior Leadership Team and candidate was extended to lead on the change.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Mapping current state processes
  • Devising the most efficient way to proceed
  • Making personnel changes
  • Leading on the change
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully merged two of the UK's largest occupational health organisations
  • Suggestions signed off by the Senior Leadership Team
  • Extended to lead on the change
  • Provided strategic guidance to the Programme Director
Jan, 2019
Jan, 2020
senior business analyst
Professional services business
Provided expertise to implement a new Allocation & Replenishment tool and Pick from Store initiative. Led the project from initiation through to successful implementation, ensuring a smooth transition. Utilised knowledge and experience to guide stakeholders and ensure successful outcomes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed project plans and objectives
  • Co-ordinated project teams
  • Managed stakeholders
  • Reviewed and tested solutions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully implemented Allocation & Replenishment tool
  • Delivered Pick from Store initiative
  • Maintained stakeholder relationships
  • Ensured smooth transition of projects
Sep, 2015
Jan, 2019
business analyst
Professional Services
Provided continuous improvement services to clients, ensuring GDPR compliance and overseeing Office 365 roll-outs and Fleet Management System implementations. Delivered user journey and screen mock-up designs for website dashboards.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing user journeys and mock-ups
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Rolling out Office 365
  • Implementing Fleet Management System
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful Office 365 roll out
  • GDPR implementation
  • Continuous improvement programme
  • New in-house Fleet Management System