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About me

I am an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialist with 6 years of work experience. My expertise includes Database Specialists, System Developers and Analysts, and Management Analysts and Consultants. I am highly knowledgeable in the field of ICT and Management, Policy and Governance.

Data Analysis Data Validation Project Management Business Analysis
Business AnalysisData AnalysisData ValidationProject ManagementTeam Management
Feb, 2023
business analyst consultant
I am a Business Analyst Consultant with 6 months of experience. My responsibilities include conducting business analysis, developing interactive dashboards, managing a cross-functional team, and identifying key issues. My achievements include a 25% improvement in ROI, a 20% increase in data literacy, a 30% reduction in decision-making time, and a 40% increase in data-driven decision-making. I have also conducted rigorous data cleaning and preprocessing, implemented data validation procedures, analyzed quantitative data, and managed lifecycle IT projects.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Conducted business analysis
  • Developed interactive dashboards
  • Managed a cross-functional team
  • Identified key issues
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 25% improvement in ROI
  • 20% increase in data literacy
  • 30% reduction in decision-making time
  • 40% increase in data-driven decision-making
Mar, 2021
Feb, 2023
business analyst
Business Analysis
I have two years of experience as a Business Analyst, where I have been responsible for leading end-to-end business analysis for cross-functional projects, resulting in streamlined processes and increased operational efficiency. I have collaborated with stakeholders to define business requirements, identified key trends and outliers in datasets, conducted thorough business analysis to identify trends, patterns, and insights, developed comprehensive documentation, utilized various business analysis tools and techniques, worked closely with IT teams to translate business requirements into technical specifications, and analysed complex databases to identify trends and insights. Through my efforts, I have achieved a 15% improvement in forecasting accuracy, a 20% reduction in operational inefficiencies, a 15% reduction in churn rate, and increased customer retention.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Define business requirements
  • Identify trends and outliers
  • Develop documentation
  • Utilize analysis tools
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 15% improvement in forecasting accuracy
  • 20% reduction in operational inefficiencies
  • 15% reduction in churn rate
  • Increased customer retention
Oct, 2017
Feb, 2021
business intelligence analyst
I am a Business Intelligence Analyst with 4 years of experience. I have collaborated with cross-functional teams to translate data insights into actionable business strategies, contributing to a 10% increase in revenue. I have presented data-driven recommendations to senior management, leading to the implementation of cost-saving measures that resulted in a 12% reduction in expenses. Additionally, I have assisted senior data analysts in extracting, transforming, loading, and analyzing large datasets to derive meaningful insights. I have also conducted data cleansing and data validation processes to ensure accuracy and reliability of analytical results. I have utilized SQL queries and Power BI to extract, transform, and load data for analysis.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Extract, transform, load data
  • Analyze large datasets
  • Conduct data validation
  • Present data-driven recommendations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 10% revenue increase
  • 12% expenses reduction
  • Data insights into strategies
  • Cost-saving measures implementation