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About me

I am a specialist with 6 years of work experience in communication, marketing and public relations, as well as management, policy and governance. My expertise lies in creating and executing strategic plans to achieve desired results.

Project Management Communication Influencer Marketing
CommunicationInfluencer MarketingProject Management
Apr, 2022
government affairs senior specialist
Regulatory guidance
As a Government Affairs Senior Specialist, I am responsible for designing and executing the strategy to approach government authorities and other stakeholders in 5 countries in Latin America to protect the operation of inDrive. My responsibilities include following up regulatory changes, developing political analysis and producing high-value information to support decision making processes and adjusting the products offered. I also act as a project manager within inDrive, working co-operatively with other areas, especially PR, to guarantee compliance with regulatory guidelines and negotiate business needs before authorities. Additionally, I lead the global stakeholder mapping strategy to be implemented in 47 countries.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing political analysis
  • Producing high-value information
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder mapping
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Protecting operation of inDrive
  • Adjusting products offered
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Negotiating business needs
Nov, 2020
Apr, 2022
pr and public affairs junior manager
I was responsible for leading vivo's public relations, social responsibility and public affairs strategies in Colombia. My achievements included 800 publications, USD $3 million Ad Value, a ROI of over 60% and the brand being positioned as the 5th best-selling in the country.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading public relations strategies
  • Developing social responsibility initiatives
  • Managing public affairs strategies
  • Promoting brand awareness
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 800 publications
  • $3 million Ad Value
  • ROI of over 60%
  • 5th best-selling brand
Nov, 2019
Nov, 2020
pr and public affairs coordinator
Public Relations
As a PR and public affairs coordinator, I led the public affairs strategy to position the company before the government authorities and the initial stakeholder engagement strategy. I planned and executed the public relations strategy to position the brand in Colombia, achieving 300 publications, 60% in Tier 1 media outlets, with an ad value over USD $1 million. I also led the planning and execution of launching events, including media invitations, influencer marketing, on-site and virtual events, with the first event reaching 1,000 people connected and 60 media outlets and journalists. Lastly, I led the influencer marketing strategy for the brand, holding over 10 micro and macro influencers.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Led public affairs strategy
  • Planned and executed PR strategy
  • Planned and executed launching events
  • Led influencer marketing strategy
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Positioned company before government authorities
  • 300 publications, 60% in Tier 1 media outlets
  • First event reached 1,000 people connected
  • Held over 10 micro and macro influencers
Jun, 2019
Nov, 2019
foreign direct investment advisor
FDI Advisor
As a Foreign Direct Investment Advisor, I provided close support to investors and other external stakeholders in the arrival and reinvestment of 5 projects (3 in technology, 2 in agribusiness). I also designed the promotion strategy in the video game sector and aligned with the government to promote it. Finally, I supported the completion of the government's anchor company attraction strategy.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Providing close support to investors
  • Designing promotion strategy in video game sector
  • Aligning with government to promote strategy
  • Completing government's anchor company attraction strategy
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful arrival and reinvestment of 5 projects
  • Promotion of video game sector
  • Aligned with government for promotion
  • Completed government's anchor company attraction strategy
Aug, 2017
Aug, 2018
foreign direct investment intern
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
FDI Intern
As a Foreign Direct Investment Intern, I provided support in the construction of information and analysis to enhance the foreign direct investment strategy from Asian countries. I also organised events and business forums and coordinated the participation of the director of Asian investment.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Constructing information and analysis for FDI strategy
  • Organising events and business forums
  • Coordinating director of Asian investment
  • Enhancing FDI strategy from Asian countries
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed information and analysis for FDI strategy
  • Successfully organised events and business forums
  • Facilitated the participation of the director of Asian investment
  • Improved FDI strategy from Asian countries
Nov, 2018
Apr, 2019
international affairs professional
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
International affairs
I served as a liaison between ProColombia and other national government institutions and international organisations, coordinating the agenda of the President of ProColombia in state visits and events with international organisations. I supported the arrival project of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the WEF in Colombia, as well as the coordination of state visit projects, high-level meetings, and business forums. My work has improved Colombia's position abroad, as well as supported logistics and meetings, organised business forums, and facilitated M&A processes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Liaising with national and international organisations
  • Coordinating President's agenda
  • Supporting arrival of WEF in Colombia
  • Coordinating state visits and business forums
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved Colombia's position abroad
  • Organised business forums
  • Facilitated M&A processes
  • Coordinated high-level meetings