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Financial Services Financial Services
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Regulatory Change Regulatory Change
About me

I am a specialist in insurance and finance with 10 years of work experience. I have a deep understanding of financial markets, insurance policies, and the complex regulations that govern them. I am adept at creating and managing financial plans, analyzing data, and providing sound advice to clients.

Problem Solving Data Analysis
Data AnalysisProblem Solving
Sep, 2013
financial ombudsman service adjudicator grade 3
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Resolving disputes
Provided technical expertise to resolve disputes between consumers and financial businesses, managed teams of employees, conducted quality assurance checks, exceeded service levels and achieved significantly exceeding expectation appraisal rating. Delivered projects to resolve issues between organisation and financial businesses and conducted detailed trend analysis on over 100 complex cases.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Led investigations into complaints
  • Provided technical expertise
  • Managed teams of employees
  • Delivered projects
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Exceeded service levels
  • Achieved significantly exceeding expectation appraisal rating
  • Maintained customer service satisfaction
  • Resolved over 250 cases each year
Mar, 2013
May, 2013
case officer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Comprehensive legal services
This candidate provided specialist knowledge in competition law, reviewing case files for background knowledge and stage of proceedings. They maintained case database, prepared and gave access to file, and updated indexes and bundles for representations. Successfully completed a stage 2/3 investigation four weeks ahead of the scheduled timescale.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reviewed case files
  • Maintained case database
  • Prepared and gave access to file
  • Updated indexes and bundles
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Acquired knowledge in competition law
  • Successfully completed a stage 2/3 investigation ahead of schedule
  • Prepared bundles for lead council
  • Maintained accurate contact details
Dec, 2012
Jan, 2013
legal assistant
Legal Support Services
Provided support to the Public Law and Immigration Department through attending courts, delivering documents, taking notes of proceedings, and assisting councils. Assisted with interviews, conference calls, document compilation, and reporting to head of department. Organised documents in trial/hearing bundle order, opened files, served claims, indexed and paginated case documents, filed documents, chased documents from relevant parties, prepared attendance notes, liaised with clerks and finance department, faxed bundle of documents, and emailed correspondences.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Attended courts and delivered documents
  • Indexed and paginated case documents
  • Filed documents and chased from parties
  • Prepared attendance notes and liaised with clerks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Organised documents in trial/hearing bundle order
  • Issued claims and served the same on court
  • Requested cheques from finance department
  • Faxed bundle of documents to Court and Counsel