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Retail Retail
BAU BAU Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation
About me

I am an experienced Retail Marketing Project Manager with 11 years of professional experience. My expertise is in communication, marketing, public relations, sales and trading, across the retail sector has transformed me into a strong leader, where I have delivered success in a multiple senior positions.

Communication Team Management Retail Merchandising
Team Management
Jan, 2022
freelance retail marketing/events and fixture production
Retail Production
I have been freelancing for several retail production agencies for the last year. I have worked on an array of retail & event-based activations throughout EMEA, for brands such as Capital One, Snapchat, Nandos, & Watchfinder & Co (Richemont brand). My responsibilities included designing retail activations, producing retail fixtures, organizing events and developing the store of the future for this brand. I have successfully completed projects for multiple brands and developed innovative solutions for retail activations, managed teams for retail activations and created a successful store of the future.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designing retail activations
  • Producing retail fixtures
  • Organizing events
  • Developing store of the future
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully completed projects for multiple brands
  • Developed innovative solutions for retail activations
  • Managed teams for retail activations
  • Created successful store of the future
Jan, 2018
Dec, 2022
senior retail marketing manager global
Retail Marketing
As a Senior Retail Marketing Manager Global, I am responsible for designing and developing the commercial global retail/digital marketing strategy for 114 Dyson stores & 2000 3rd party retail stores. My duties include leading the design, development, production, installation, procuring, planning, budget management and implementation of physical retail execution consumer-facing projects and digital product launches. Additionally, I am responsible for re-imagining the global Dyson retail global estate, using innovative and immersive strategies, events and fixtures to deliver a new offering that is profitable, cohesive, and inspiring. I also manage the operational and organizational tasks for direct and third party retail including shop in shop projects, pop up stores, shopping mall events, and retail launch campaigns as well as print materials for all product categories.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designing and developing commercial global retail/digital marketing strategy
  • Leading design, production, installation and planning
  • Re-imagining global Dyson retail estate
  • Managing operational and organizational tasks for retail
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Budget management and implementation of physical retail execution
  • Planning and programming of online/offline events
  • Collaborating with global training team
  • Overseeing the budget for multi million-euro complex projects
Jan, 2013
Dec, 2018
global creative manager
Retail Marketing
I have been working as a Global Creative Manager, responsible for planning and executing retail marketing, event and POS projects within budget and to strict deadlines. My main responsibilities include co-ordinating window launches and POS rollouts across our EMEA+ full price, outlet and franchise businesses, leading the delivery of seasonal windows in line with the Calvin Klein aesthetic, managing the work stream to ensure concepts, supplier briefings and workshops are met within budget, and collaborating on the digital evolution of retail through apps and interactive training guidelines. I have achieved successful implementation of POS rollouts, developed on-brand seasonal windows, collaborated on digital retail evolution, and worked in partnership with multiple teams.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Planning and executing retail marketing projects
  • Co-ordinating window launches and POS rollouts
  • Leading seasonal window delivery
  • Managing work stream and budget
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully implemented POS rollouts
  • Developed on-brand seasonal windows
  • Collaborated on digital retail evolution
  • Worked in partnership with multiple teams