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About me

I am an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialist.  I am passionate about creating innovative solutions to complex problems, and I am always looking for ways to improve my technical skills. I am a fast learner and I am eager to take on new challenges.

SQL Defect Management Agile
AgileDefect ManagementSQL
consultant/pricing analyst
As a Consultant/Pricing Analyst at FedEx I was responsible for business validation, issue analysis, developing test cases and manipulating data in the Documentum database. I also used API testing tools, automation tools, web development technologies, SQL queries and ALM for defect logging. I was involved in the UAT, Aliasing, Rerate & GPAS environments and supported production. I was also involved in the Financial International Services (FINS) project.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed test cases
  • Issue analysis
  • Business validation
  • Data manipulation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • API testing
  • Automation tool
  • Web developing
  • SQL queries
analyst programmer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
I have worked as an Analyst Programmer in various Fintech companies such as American Express UK, Capital One UK and MakeMyTrip India Limited. My responsibilities included requirement analysis, detail design, development of applications, gathering of data from different systems, preparation of test cases and plans, test execution plans, defect login, development of DAO layer using Spring and Hibernate, manipulation of data using Documentum database, building of CI/CD environment, development of TDD/BDD environment, deployment of applications to AWS Cloud, and working on Agile model.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Data Gathering
  • Test Case Preparation
  • Defect Login
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed DAO layer
  • Manipulated Data
  • Built CI/CD Environment
  • Developed TDD/BDD Environment
lead system tester
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Software Testing
As a Lead System Tester, I was responsible for conducting API testing, automation testing, writing test cases, and performing regression testing. I achieved test cases execution, rising defects, using UNIX Shell scripts and Java scripts. I also worked with ORACLE 12g database, JIRA, and Putty Version 0.62. I was involved in code, analysis, and test plan reviews and test strategy, and identifying risk and suggesting solutions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • API testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Test cases writing
  • Regression Testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Test cases execution
  • Defects rising
  • UNIX Shell scripts
  • Java scripts
Software Consultancy
As a Consultant, I was responsible for fixing SIT and UAT issues, writing and executing test cases, and performing regression testing. I developed the build process using Maven, implemented the DAO layer using Spring DAO, developed the application as a web service component using REST API's, and worked on the Documentum database to manipulate the data. I also participated in code, analysis, and test plan reviews.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Fixing SIT and UAT issues
  • Writing Test cases
  • Test cases execution
  • Regression Testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed build process
  • Implemented DAO layer
  • Developed web service
  • Manipulated data
analyst programmer
American Express
As an Analyst Programmer, I was responsible for Requirement Analysis, Design, Develop and Implement the application using J2EE technology. I have developed the build process using Maven, implemented the customized exception handling framework using Spring, developed the stored procedures and functions to process the data from Mainframe Systems and implemented the JMeter scripts for Performance Testing. I have also developed the Unit, End-to-end and Integration test cases using JUnit and fixed the SIT and UAT issues.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design & Develop
  • Implement applications
  • Maven build & deploy
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Customized exception handling framework
  • Maven build process
  • Performance Testing
  • Unit, End-to-end & Integration tests