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About me

I am an experienced manager with 17 years of work experience, 13 years of which in management. My expertise includes Information and Communication Technology (Programmers) and Insurance and Finance (Insurance & Finance Managers).

Leadership Strategic Planning Communication
CommunicationData AnalysisLeadershipProblem SolvingProcess DocumentationStrategic PlanningTalent Management
Aug, 2022
project team lead usd libor
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
S&P Global
As a Project Team Lead for USD LIBOR, I am responsible for managing a cross-region team, understanding, agreeing and managing client priorities, and feeding into relevant internal processes in an accurate and timely manner. I have achieved a smooth transition for Nomura, provided timely and accurate updates, hosted regular reviews with the client, and provided updates on current activities and operating results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Manage cross-region team
  • Understand client priorities
  • Agree and manage client priorities
  • Feed into relevant internal processes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Smooth transition for Nomura
  • Timely and accurate updates
  • Regular review with client
  • Provide updates on current activities
Jan, 2019
Jun, 2022
project manager
HR Tech
I am a Project Manager with 4 years of experience at Lakarya. My responsibilities include developing product ideas, providing continuous support in development, organizing product launch and managing client relations. My achievements include successful product launch, increased client satisfaction, project delivery on time, and cost reduction.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop product ideas
  • Provide continuous support
  • Organize product launch
  • Manage client relations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Product launch success
  • Client satisfaction increase
  • Project delivery on time
  • Cost reduction
Jun, 2014
Aug, 2018
project delivery/business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Software Solutions
I have 5 years of experience as a Project Delivery/Business Analyst Client Lifecycle Design and Management. My responsibilities included delivering the FM Products Account Opening and Regulatory Onboarding project, rolling out Client Consent Regulatory requirement, leading end to end project activities, and performing in-depth analysis on key requirements for regulatory projects. My achievements included reducing manual touchpoints, achieving tighter controls and reduced TAT, successful rollout of the Operational Risk Framework, and delivering a project seamlessly despite numerous challenges.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Delivered FM Products project
  • Rolled out Client Consent Regulatory requirement
  • Led project activities
  • Performed analysis on key requirements
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Reduced manual touchpoints
  • Tighter controls and reduced TAT
  • Successful rollout of Operational Risk Framework
  • Seamless delivery despite challenges
Dec, 2003
Apr, 2011
associate manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Global Business Services
As an Associate Manager with 8 years of experience, I was responsible for relationship management for Wholesale Banking and Support Functions Business HR. I implemented PeopleSoft upgrade across 5 core HR functions, involving requirements gathering, AS-IS analysis, TO-BE process design, test management, IT coordination, training and post go-live support. I was also assigned to Singapore and London at various stages during performance and compensation review process.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Requirements gathering
  • AS-IS analysis
  • TO-BE process design
  • Test management
Key achievements Key achievements
  • PeopleSoft upgrade implementation
  • HR functions coordination
  • Training and support
  • Assignments to Singapore and London
May, 2011
Mar, 2012
human resources manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
HR Manager
As a Human Resources Manager, I have been responsible for providing a single point of contact for the APAC region, delivering Performance & Compensation Reviews, facilitating the design and delivery of induction, succession planning, talent management, people forum, attrition analysis and operations management processes, and implementing an effective knowledge base (AskHR) in PeopleSoft CRM, for both the employees and the Customer Care unit.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Single point of contact for APAC region
  • Delivered Performance & Compensation Review
  • Facilitated design & delivery of induction processes
  • Implemented effective knowledge base
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Succession planning & talent management
  • People forum & attrition analysis
  • Operations management processes
  • PeopleSoft CRM for employees & Customer Care