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Data Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Information Technology Information Technology Technology Technology
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am a seasoned Business Leader and Diversity and Inclusion advocate, with 20+ years of experience spanning Consulting, Investment Banking and Telcos. I have held senior positions ranging Country Leadership, Growth Strategy, Digital Transformation Consulting and Sales & Marketing Operations. My passions stem from the desire for business to grow through diversity and technology innovation.

Business Strategy Business Transformation Digital Transformation Project Management
Business AnalysisBusiness StrategyBusiness TransformationChange ManagementDigital TransformationFinancial ReportingKnowledge ManagementLeadershipProgram ManagementProject ManagementRisk ManagementSales and Marketing StrategySales ForecastingSales ManagementTeam BuildingTechnical Leadership
Jan, 2022
director google business unit
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Tech giant
I have been a Director of Google Business Unit for 2 years with a focus on driving change initiatives and managing new business sales. I have achieved a fully operational sales and marketing engine, increased pipeline, bookings, revenue and synergy, and established a joint GTM with Google UK & Germany. I have also maintained a strong partner relationship with Google Cloud and acted as a trusted client facing Business Analyst/Project Manager.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Driving change initiatives
  • Managing new business sales
  • Maintaining partner relationships
  • Acting as a trusted client facing Business Analyst/Project Manager
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Fully operational sales and marketing engine
  • Increased pipeline, bookings, revenue and synergy
  • Established a joint GTM with Google UK & Germany
  • Maintained a strong partner relationship with Google Cloud
Feb, 2020
Mar, 2022
director revenue programme
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Revenue Programmes
As a Director of Revenue Programmes with 3 years of experience, I managed multi-project Programmes for launching and iterating on products and services guided by market demand, resulting in a patented solution for Insurance. I also managed and created efficient sales & inside-sales team processes for teams in the UK, USA & India resulting in corporate and enterprise pipeline of $2m. In addition, I established the Sales Strategy for teams and managed marketing and demand-generation projects resulting in qualified pipeline. Finally, I built, motivated and coached sales teams; creating and executing a channel strategy, resulting in zero attrition.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed multi-project Programmes
  • Created efficient sales & inside-sales team processes
  • Established the Sales Strategy
  • Built, motivated and coached sales teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Patented solution for Insurance
  • Corporate and enterprise pipeline of $2m
  • Qualified pipeline
  • Channel strategy with zero attrition
Mar, 2018
Feb, 2020
director new growth platforms
Innovative Solutions
As a Director of New Growth Platforms with two years of experience, I am responsible for managing the new growth platforms, innovating new products and services, and capturing new market share. I have successfully assembled highly focussed, cross-functional teams and cultivated a strong collaboration between domain experts and technologists, resulting in a productised service offering for Life Sciences. I have adopted an AI-first Product Development approach and applied Design Thinking concepts to redefine and solve human-centric experiences. I have pioneered Innovation Workshops for discovery, ideation and prototyping new concepts, understanding data signals through analytics to test and iterate market response.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing new growth platforms
  • Innovating new products and services
  • Capturing new market share
  • Assembling cross-functional teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Productised service offering for Life Sciences
  • AI-first Product Development approach
  • Design Thinking concepts to redefine human-centric experiences
  • Innovation Workshops for discovery, ideation and prototyping
Jan, 2016
Mar, 2018
director cloud solutions sales
Cloud Solutions
I am a Director Cloud Solutions Sales with 3 years of experience. My responsibilities include managing internal change projects, establishing a partner collaboration model, developing a sales engine with Google, and increasing revenue in the NYC & MASE regions. My achievements include a $3m pipeline, CRM implementation, Business Unit structuring, and partnership projects.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing internal change projects
  • Establishing partner collaboration model
  • Developing sales engine with Google
  • Increasing revenue in NYC & MASE regions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • $3m pipeline
  • CRM implementation
  • Business Unit structuring
  • Partnership projects
Feb, 2015
Jan, 2016
founding director
Digital Solutions
As a Founding Director with 11 months of experience, I established the core service offerings, resulting in market engagement and traction. I launched the first product offerings and established the first HR processes. I hired the initial engineering team, inside-sales team, field-sales team and marketing team. I successfully found a Product Market Fit for a HCLS product and advised clients on the use of Google Cloud for Digital.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Established core service offerings
  • Launched product offerings
  • Established HR processes
  • Hired initial teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Gained market engagement and traction
  • Found product market fit
  • Advised clients on use of Google Cloud
  • Launched first product offerings
Oct, 2012
Jan, 2015
senior assistant vp business analyst front office it emea
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial services
As a Senior Assistant VP Business Analyst in the Front Office IT EMEA, I am responsible for managing capacity requirements across Investment Banking, and successfully implemented the Risk and Controls processes, tools and reporting framework across all IT product lines, resulting in a 50% improvement in CM performance and efficiency.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing capacity requirements across Investment Banking
  • Implementing Risk and Controls processes
  • Developing tools and reporting framework
  • Improving CM performance and efficiency
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully implemented Risk and Controls processes
  • Developed tools and reporting framework
  • Achieved 50% improvement in CM performance
  • Increased efficiency
Oct, 2007
Dec, 2012
avp programme manager fixed income it
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
Program Manager
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing projects from start to finish
  • Monitoring project progress and performance
  • Developing strategies to improve project efficiency
  • Managing risk and resolving issues
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Meeting project deadlines and objectives
  • Ensuring stakeholders are kept informed
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders
  • Managing budgets and resources
Dec, 2005
Oct, 2007
avp business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
investment banking
I have been working as an Assistant VP Business Analyst for 2 years. During this time, I have successfully streamlined a complex book of work into a 2-year project plan using ITIL, resulting in improved team efficiency across Investment Banking in London, Singapore and NY. I also spearheaded the implementation of a Knowledge Management System (c. £100k), resulting in increased Derivatives knowledge share and better decision making.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Streamlined complex book of work into project plan
  • Implemented Knowledge Management System
  • Improved team efficiency across Investment Banking
  • Increased Derivatives knowledge share
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 2-year project plan using ITIL
  • Implemented Knowledge Management System
  • Improved team efficiency across Investment Banking
  • Better decision making
Jan, 1998
Dec, 2005
engineer systems analyst delivery manager technical
For the past 8 years I have held a diverse set of roles including Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Delivery Manager, Technical Project Manager. As a High Impact Graduate, I was able to deliver and the innovative which were the first of their kind in the industry.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing software solutions
  • Analyzing system requirements
  • Managing project delivery
  • Providing technical support
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Launched
  • Developed
  • High Impact Graduate
  • Delivered innovative solutions