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About me

I am a BCS certified Business Analyst specialist in Information and Communication Technology and Insurance and Finance with 10 years of work experience. I have a deep understanding of the financial and technological aspects of the industry and am passionate about helping businesses and organizations succeed.

Data Analysis Customer Service Stakeholder Management Gap Analysis
Customer ServiceData AnalysisGap AnalysisStakeholder Management
Oct, 2021
consultant digital business analyst
The AA
As a Consultant Digital Business Analyst with two years of experience, I have worked on an initiative to launch a new motor insurance brand in response to the General Insurance Pricing Practices regulations. I have also supported the discovery, development and implementation of a new policy administration system alongside an upgraded web quote and buy journey, which aims to deliver enhanced functionality over the business' heritage system.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Launched new motor insurance brand
  • Developed policy admin system
  • Upgraded web quote and buy journey
  • Delivered enhanced functionality
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful BEAM rollout
  • Discovered and developed policy admin system
  • Upgraded web quote and buy journey
  • Delivered enhanced functionality
Feb, 2021
Oct, 2022
consultant technical business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Digital Banking
I am a Consultant technical business analyst with 2 years of experience, and I am proud to have been part of launching a new digital banking brand, ROVA. My role included configuring a cloud-based core banking system, integrating third-party platforms, gathering and documenting technical requirements, and delivering a Regulatory Reporting solution. I also engineered Business Rules, Contact Centre process, Complaints Process, and GDPR Process.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Configuring core banking system
  • Integrating third-party platforms
  • Gathering and documenting requirements
  • Delivering Regulatory Reporting solution
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Launched a new banking brand
  • Setup of new Products
  • Business Rules engineering
  • Complaints and GDPR Processes
Sep, 2020
Feb, 2021
system decommission and archive business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
System Decommissioning
As a System Decommission and Archive Business Analyst, I was engaged in the Define phase of the MBNA PPI Decommissioning Programme. My responsibilities included cataloguing systems, mapping connectivity, establishing compliance, and conducting workshops with vendors. My achievements included developing decommission requirements, developing data archiving solutions, engaging risk and compliance stakeholders, and engaging vendors.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Cataloguing systems
  • Mapping connectivity
  • Establishing compliance
  • Conducting workshops
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed decommission requirements
  • Developed data archiving solutions
  • Engaged risk and compliance stakeholders
  • Engaged vendors
Mar, 2020
Sep, 2020
covid response team
Business Support
In March 2020 I was asked to step away from a lower priority project to support the business response to the first UK Covid 19 lockdown. During this period I was responsible for deploying home working equipment, providing virtual setup, delivering training and technical support for colleagues nationwide. This was not a traditional Business Analyst role, but it was incredibly fulfilling to be able to help key workers provide customer support and assistance during a difficult time.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Deploy home working equipment
  • Provide virtual setup
  • Deliver training and technical support
  • Help key workers continue providing customer support
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully enabled home working for staff
  • Provided necessary training and technical support
  • Provided support to hundreds of key workers
  • Played a part in keeping customer service running
Jun, 2018
Mar, 2019
integration/migration business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Digital Transformation
As a Integration/Migration Business Analyst with 9 months of experience, I have been responsible for leading the project lifecycle of various deliverables. This includes reengineering of business processes, design and build of MBNA digital content, planning and rollout of colleague communications plan, development of SharePoint site, updating collateral, and implementation planning. I have achieved gap analysis of processes in light of Target system limitations, implementation of FCA & DAC requirements, rollout of communications plan, and creation of 'one-stop-shop' for 350 colleagues.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Reengineering of business processes
  • Design and build of MBNA digital content
  • Planning and rollout of colleague communications plan
  • Development of SharePoint site
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Gap analysis of processes in light of Target system limitations
  • Implementation of FCA & DAC requirements
  • Rollout of communications plan
  • Creation of 'one-stop-shop' for 350 colleagues
Mar, 2019
Mar, 2020
transformation migration and integration business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Transformation Migration and Integration Business Analyst, I was responsible for the initiation of the CYBG / Virgin Money integration / transformation programme. My role included preparing initiation documents and programme roadmaps, facilitating workshops to gather transformation requirements, re-engineering of business process maps, delivery of a new web based acquisition process, conducting analysis of collateral for FSMA Part 7 compliance, preparation and facilitation of discovery workshops, data mapping of customer data fields, customer journey analysis, and stakeholder management across multiple heritage brands/locations.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Preparing initiation doc.
  • Gathering requirements
  • Re-engineering processes
  • Data mapping
Key achievements Key achievements
  • New web-based process
  • FSMA Part 7 compliance
  • Discovery workshops
  • Customer journey analysis
Sep, 2017
Jun, 2018
gdpr business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Data Protection
As a Gdpr business analyst with 9 months of experience, I have been part of a large team responsible for the Consent and Individuals' Rights aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). My main responsibilities included reviewing and interpreting the new GDPR regulation, performing impact assessments, facilitating workshops and interviews, and completing process analysis and mapping. I also developed and presented recommendations, created a traceability matrix, and performed gap analysis to identify areas of non-compliance. I worked closely with colleagues in legal and compliance to ensure adherence to the GDPR.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Review GDPR regulation
  • Perform impact assessments
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Gap Analysis
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Process analysis & mapping
  • TO BE process modelling
  • Develop & present recommendations
  • Create traceability matrix
May, 2012
Jul, 2016
business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Business Solutions
I have been a Business Analyst for the past five years, with key responsibilities including the implementation and maintenance of operational tools, reporting performance and productivity data to the leadership team, providing technical solutions through VBA, SQL, Access and Excel, auditing of operations process alongside external auditors KPMG and Deloitte, design and implementation of an enhanced quality control process within the Customer Advocates Office, and gaining approval from Control and SLT prior to implementation and testing. I have also been responsible for streamlining processes across the business.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Implementing and maintaining operational tools
  • Reporting performance and productivity data
  • Providing technical solutions
  • Auditing operations process
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Design and implementation of quality control process
  • Gaining approval from Control and SLT
  • Streamlining processes across business
  • Auditing alongside external auditors