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About me

I am an experienced Management Consultant with 45 years of experience. I specialize in Insurance and Finance (Accountants; Financial Experts; Insurance & Finance Managers); and Legal, Human Resources and Social Services (Lawyers). A proven track record in leading successful corporate restructuring initiatives to drive organizational efficiency and profitability. Seasoned in project finance management, highly competent analysing financial data, and developing strategic financial models to support informed decision-making. Proficient in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for process optimization and cost reduction while ensuring regulatory compliance. Highly skilled in overseeing cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration, and  implementing innovative solutions to achieve project objectives. Effective communicator, and influencer, capable of building strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels and navigating complex financial landscapes.

Financial Analysis Leadership Team Building Strategic Planning
Data AnalysisFinancial AnalysisLeadershipProblem SolvingProject ManagementStrategic PlanningSustainable DevelopmentTeam BuildingTeam Management
Jan, 2008
legal and financial consultant
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Global Consultancy
I have 16 years of experience as a Legal and financial consultant. My responsibilities have included serving as an Expert Adviser/Witness for Allen & Overy, conducting research on EU law, researching climate change, and representing a private individual in an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. My achievements include finding that the convertible would not be converted into equity, examining the CJEU Cartes Bancaires case, defending against anti-discrimination, and successfully mediating a landlord dispute. I have also provided ESG consulting services and undertaken reviews of derivatives litigation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Expert Adviser/Witness
  • Research on EU law
  • Research on climate change
  • Representation at ECHR
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Finding convertible not converted into equity
  • Examined CJEU Cartes Bancaires case
  • Defended against anti-discrimination
  • Successfully mediated landlord dispute
Jan, 2002
Dec, 2008
head of research and portfolio manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Sustainable Investment
As a Head of Research and Portfolio Manager with 7 years of experience, I served as a trusted advisor to the International Investment Management Board. My responsibilities included providing strategic guidance, aligning investment decisions with the principles of the UN SDGs, fostering positive impact on a global scale, and prioritizing compliance with these goals. During my period of stewardship, I was able to outperform the major market indices by using a mixed bond equity strategy and successfully bought at lows following the 2007 financial crisis.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide strategic guidance
  • Align investment decisions
  • Foster positive impact
  • Prioritize compliance
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Outperform major market indices
  • Mixed bond equity strategy
  • Bought at lows
  • 2007- financial crisis
Jan, 2000
Dec, 2002
investment banker
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
I have three years of experience in investment banking, consistently delivering comprehensive services to private clients. My financial acumen enabled me to handle a wide range of transactions, contributing to the success and satisfaction of my clients. I have become the top investment advisor in the Vermont Area, providing valuable guidance and generating significant returns for clients.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Providing investment banking services
  • Financial acumen
  • Handling diverse transactions
  • Guiding clients
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Top investment advisor
  • Valuable guidance
  • Significant returns
  • Clients satisfaction
Jan, 1998
Dec, 2000
head of project finance
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
As a Head of Project Finance with 3 years of experience, I have demonstrated exemplary leadership in overseeing top-level infrastructure projects, delivering successful outcomes that bolstered economic growth and development. I have leveraged strong stakeholder relations to ensure seamless collaboration and mutual success, and turned around the $0.5B Aeroflot Sirena 3 project, returning all shareholder equity to IBM, GE Spacenet, and Sabre American Airlines.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading infrastructure projects
  • Ensuring collaboration
  • Delivering successful outcomes
  • Bolstering economic growth
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Turned around $0.5B Aeroflot Sirena 3 project
  • Returned all shareholder equity
  • Enhanced stakeholder relations
  • Boosted economic development
Jan, 1997
Dec, 1998
world bank project finance specialist
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
International finance
As a World Bank project finance specialist with two years of experience, I have cultivated an extensive expertise in international Project Finance. I have managed and structured significant financings for a diverse array of projects, leaving a lasting impact on sustainable development initiatives worldwide. My achievements include Sakhalin deals, Conoco Polar lights, Comsat, and various telecommunication ventures in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed project finance
  • Structured financings
  • Collaborated with World Bank
  • Impacted sustainable development
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Sakhalin deals
  • Conoco Polar lights
  • Comsat
  • Telecommunication ventures
Jan, 1994
Dec, 1996
ceo and founder
High-Speed Rail
As the CEO and founder of Talgo of America, I have established and led the high-speed rail start-up which achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching the first high-speed rail commercial passenger service in the USA. I pioneered the market entry of Talgo's innovative Tilt train technology in North America, generating substantial value for shareholders and exceeding $2B in value creation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Pioneering market entry
  • Leading high-speed rail start-up
  • Managing operations
  • Creating value for shareholders
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Launched first high-speed rail service
  • Introduced innovative Tilt train technology
  • Exceeded $2B in value creation
  • First private sector market entry in 40 years
Jan, 1989
Dec, 1993
managing director
Mergers, Acquisitions, and IntegrationsMergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations
Mergers & Acquisitions
As the Managing Director, I have orchestrated significant deals, including the successful leveraged buy-in of Continental Can operations in Europe, the strategic part sale of Valenciana de Cementos to Cemex, and a pivotal sale of a prominent Spanish quoted construction business to Tarmac Plc. I have facilitated the sale of Natra SA, a company listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, successfully managed the sale of Continental Can Buy-in on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), effectively executed the sale of a substantial shareholding in Valenciana de Cementos, and played a key role in the sale of a significant shareholding in Aguas de Barcelona.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Facilitated the sale of a company
  • Managed the sale of Continental Can Buy-in
  • Executed the sale of Valenciana de Cementos
  • Played a key role in the sale of Aguas de Barcelona
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully leveraged buy-in of Continental Can operations in Europe
  • Strategically part-sold Valenciana de Cementos to Cemex
  • Sold a prominent Spanish quoted construction business to Tarmac Plc
  • Sold Natra SA on the Spanish Stock Exchange
Jan, 1987
Dec, 1989
convertible bond arbitrage executive
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Convertible Bond Arbitrage Executive with 3 years of experience, I have managed Wall Street's largest convertible bond arbitrage desk, optimized returns, calculated the 'delta hedge' ratio for derivatives, and navigated dynamic market conditions. My team generated the largest profit for the bank, and I became an expert in the 'delta hedge' ratio. I also led the largest convertible arbitrage portfolio, demonstrating exceptional leadership.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed Wall Street's largest convertible bond arbitrage desk
  • Optimized returns
  • Calculated 'delta hedge' ratio
  • Navigated dynamic market conditions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Generated largest profit for bank
  • Expert in 'delta hedge' ratio
  • Led largest convertible arbitrage portfolio
  • Exceptional leadership
Jan, 1986
Dec, 1987
equity linked executive director
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
I initiated and cultivated the Equity Linked Underwriting and Convertible Bond Trading division from inception, propelling it to become the bank's top-performing unit throughout 1986-87. I successfully navigated its growth trajectory, achieving outstanding profitability and market recognition. I also utilized my language skills and leadership abilities to build effective teams and achieve outstanding results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Initiated Equity Linked Underwriting
  • Cultivated Convertible Bond Trading
  • Built effective teams
  • Achieved outstanding results
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Propelled top-performing unit
  • Navigated growth trajectory
  • Achieved profitability
  • Gained market recognition
Jan, 1978
Dec, 1984
management consultant
Oil and Gas
I have 7 years of experience as a Management Consultant. In this role, I have played a pivotal role in the successful integration of a cutting-edge management accounting and treasury system [pre-SAP] during ENI oil and gas restructuring. I have also contributed to ENI's remarkable transformation into one of the most valuable groups and was part of the successful listing of ENI on the NYSE through strategic value focus and effective team organization.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Integrated management accounting and treasury system
  • Contributed to ENI's transformation
  • Strategic value focus
  • Effective team organization
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful integration of system
  • Remarkable transformation
  • Successful listing on NYSE
  • Improved team organization