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Programme Manager
Sustainable Sustainable Technology Technology
Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
About me
I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology and Management, Policy and Governance (Management Analysts and Consultants) and Recruitment specialist with 5+ years of programme experience. I have a strong background in problem-solving, data analysis and project management. I am highly motivated and passionate about working with technology to solve business challenges.
Business Analysis Data Analysis Stakeholder Engagement Recruitment and Selection
Business AnalysisBusiness Process ImprovementBusiness TransformationContent MarketingContent StrategyCRM ImplementationData AnalysisDigital Marketing StrategiesEmployee Training and DevelopmentLeadershipRecruitment and SelectionSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Software as a Service (SaaS)Stakeholder EngagementStakeholder Management
Mar, 2020
Aug, 2022
managing director
Project-based production
I ran a project-based production company. My main client was a Fleet-Street barristers' chamber. I delivered a transition from in person events to virtual and hybrid events including technical video and events production, online marketing and stakeholder engagement functions.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing projects for client
  • Transitioning events to virtual/hybrid formats
  • Producing technical video and events
  • Conducting online marketing and stakeholder engagement
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully transitioned events to virtual/hybrid formats
  • Produced technical video and events without issues
  • Successfully conducted online marketing and stakeholder engagement
  • Successfully managed projects for client
Jul, 2022
programme lead
Programme Management
As Programme Lead, I manage a national recruitment, training, onboarding and support programme for the ABM. This involves leading large teams, data analysis, matrix communications and recruitment. I have been successful in growing the organisation by 5000% in terms of revenue and 25-fold in terms of membership within a single year. I have also secured new partnerships with national business support organisations and forged relationships with senior politicians, civil servants and senior business leaders. My role involves programme management, documentation, scope, budget, time, risks and opportunities, delivery, and stakeholder management.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Leading large teams
  • Data analysis
  • Matrix communications
  • Recruitment
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Grew the organisation by 5000% in terms of revenue
  • 25-fold increase in membership
  • New partnerships with national business support organisations
  • Relationships with senior politicians, civil servants and senior business leaders