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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology professional with 3 years of experience in programming, system development and analysis, database management and IT research and development. I have a strong background in developing and implementing solutions for complex technical problems and I am highly motivated to continue to develop my skills and knowledge.

Database Management
Data CleansingData IntegrationMachine Learning
Sep, 2021
associate data science engineer
Data Science
As a Associate Data Science Engineer my responsibilities have included resolving problems, improving operations, and providing exceptional service. I have also been familiar with blockchain technology and its underlying concepts. I have created chatbots, Slack App, worked on data exports, and implemented automatic tagging capabilities. I have also designed, developed, and automated data pipelines for complex applications, following ETL processes. I have worked with AWS data pipeline and Cloudinary and OpenAI platforms. Additionally, I have utilised SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data efficiently and developed dashboard with Tableau, Python libraries etc.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Resolved problems
  • Improved operations
  • Provided exceptional service
  • Created Dashboards
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created chatbots
  • Created Slack App
  • Worked on data exports
  • Implemented automatic tagging
Mar, 2021
Aug, 2021
junior data science engineer
Data Science
As a Junior Data Science Engineer my main responsibilities included integrating data from different systems, databases, and APIs, ensuring data accuracy and quality, performing data cleansing and aggregation, and working with Google Analytics and Elastic Search. I achieved success in integrating data, maintaining data quality and accuracy, improving data transformation process, and deploying Google Analytics and Elastic Search. I am looking for a new opportunity to continue to develop my skills and expertise.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Integrate data from different systems
  • Ensure data accuracy and quality
  • Perform data cleansing and aggregation
  • Work with Google Analytics and Elastic Search
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully integrated data
  • Data quality and accuracy maintained
  • Data transformation process improved
  • Google Analytics and Elastic Search deployed
Dec, 2019
Mar, 2020
chatbot developer intern
Tech Company
As a Chatbot developer intern, I was responsible for developing Chatbot applications, testing and debugging Chatbot code, creating Chatbot documentation, and assisting with Chatbot design. I achieved success in developing Chatbot applications, debugging Chatbot code and fixing errors, creating detailed documentation for Chatbot systems, and assisting with Chatbot design and implementation.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing Chatbot applications
  • Testing and debugging Chatbot code
  • Creating Chatbot documentation
  • Assisting with Chatbot design
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully developed Chatbot applications
  • Debugged Chatbot code and fixed errors
  • Created detailed documentation for Chatbot systems
  • Assisted with Chatbot design and implementation