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Data Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Retail Retail
Business and Process Optimisation Business and Process Optimisation Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
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About me

I am a highly experienced professional in Information and Communication Technology (IT R&D) and Insurance and Finance (Financial Expert). I have 5 years of experience in both fields, and I strive to provide the best possible results for my clients. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and expand my knowledge.

Statistical Analysis Data Analysis Machine Learning
Data AnalysisMachine LearningStatistical Analysis
Jan, 2021
May, 2023
data scientist
Data Science
As a Data Scientist, I have conducted statistical analysis on customer data sets to identify trends, developed predictive models to forecast demand, analysed customer booking patterns, created a customer churn prediction model using machine learning, and employed natural language processing techniques to analyse customer reviews and sentiment. My work has resulted in a 30% increase in bookings from the leisure travel segment, a 12% reduction in customer attrition, actionable insights to drive strategic decision-making, and valuable feedback for service improvement.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Statistical analysis
  • Predictive modelling
  • Data analysis
  • Natural language processing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 30% increase in bookings
  • 12% reduction in attrition
  • Actionable insights
  • Valuable feedback
Nov, 2019
Nov, 2020
financial data analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Financial Data Analyst, my primary responsibilities include analysing businesses for valuations and acquisitions, extracting and analysing data from SQL databases, visualising financial data for management decisions, and managing and driving core finance processes. My achievements include reviewing business plans, validating and updating national public debt, cleaning and organising data for statistical analysis, and researching and analysing international financial markets and economic developments. I have used various tools such as R, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, Tally software, and spreadsheets to perform these tasks.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Valuations and acquisitions
  • Data extraction and analysis
  • Financial data visualisation
  • Financial process management
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Business plans review
  • National debt validation
  • Data cleaning and organising
  • Research and analysis
May, 2018
Oct, 2019
accountant remote
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
My responsibilities include filing and payments of taxes, preparing and updating cash flows, auditing financial transactions, and performing all accounting features. My achievements include streamlining filing and payments, collaborating in preparing cash flows, conducting financial transaction audits, and performing all accounting features. I have worked with multiple organisations to the federal inland revenue service, multiple hotels, real estate companies, and retail stores.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Filing and payments of taxes
  • Preparing and updating cash flows
  • Auditing financial transactions
  • Accounting features
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Streamlined filing and payments
  • Collaborated in preparing cash flows
  • Conducted financial transaction audits
  • Performed all accounting features