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About me

I am a System Developer and Analyst, Programmer, IT R&D Professional, and Database Specialist with 3 years of experience. I have a passion for creating efficient and reliable solutions to complex problems. My expertise lies in developing and maintaining databases, creating applications, and managing IT projects. I strive to stay up to date with the latest technologies and best practices.

SQL Data Engineering
Data EngineeringMachine LearningSQL
Feb, 2023
Jul, 2023
data engineer
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Data Tech Firm
As a Data Science Intern at Data Glacier, I was responsible for improving the accuracy of machine learning models for the Bank Term Deposit Customer Targeting Project. This was achieved through comprehensive data pre-processing techniques, data imputation using SMOTE, and normalization. In addition, I developed a highly effective G2M strategy for a cab investment company that resulted in a significant increase in revenue and helped identify the most promising cab firms for investment. I also collaborated with senior data scientists to design and implement data pipelines using Python, SQL, and statistical techniques for efficient data processing. Finally, I used the same tools to process, analyze, and create BI dashboards of large datasets.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Data pre-processing
  • Data imputation
  • Data normalization
  • G2M strategy development
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 7% model accuracy increase
  • Significant revenue increase
  • Data pipelines design
  • BI dashboards creation
Jun, 2019
Aug, 2021
system engineer
System Engineering
As a System Engineer I have increased returns by creating impactful dashboards and implementing an ad-hoc client reporting framework. I have designed and implemented robust data pipelines using Java and SQL to automate data processing for over 10 million customer records, as well as process, analyse, and visualise large datasets. I have created a predictive modelling tool from scratch using SQL that analysed customer data and forecast tax projections, enhancing tax planning processes and driving a subsequent 10% revenue growth. I have proactively identified and resolved caching-related issues within existing business logic, leading to a 30% improvement in server efficiency and saving the company in cloud computing costs. I have also demonstrated exceptional collaboration within cross-functional teams, successfully delivering 3 projects on time and driving a substantial 15% increase in revenue.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Data pipeline design
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 15% revenue growth
  • 30% server efficiency improvement
  • 10% increase in returns
  • 15% increase in revenue