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About me

I am an experienced professional in the management of communication, marketing, and public relations. I have over 26 years of work experience, including 22 years of management experience. I specialize in marketing and advertising personnel, information and public relations personnel, and information and communication technology.

Change Management Communication
Change ManagementCommunication
Apr, 2023
Nov, 2023
communications lead hr digital
Public SectorPublic Sector
Digital Transformation
As a Communications Lead HR Digital, I am responsible for developing a communications strategy and delivering change communications for the HR Digital Transformation Programme. This includes re-positioning HR, launching iTrent modules and supporting the programme board. I have also created a Programme Community portal with engaging content, including animations and videos.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop communications strategy
  • Deliver change communications
  • Launch iTrent modules
  • Create Programme Community portal
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed successful communications strategy
  • Successfully launched iTrent modules
  • Created engaging content for Programme Community portal
  • Developed animations and videos
Jun, 2022
Jun, 2022
ecommerce designer
I am responsible for creating an e-commerce website, as well as conducting interviews and producing a case study, including videos and animations. My main achievements will be designing and developing the website, creating compelling visuals, ensuring content accuracy, and publishing the content.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Create e-commerce website
  • Interview and produce case study
  • Create videos and animations
  • Publish content
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Design and develop website
  • Conduct interviews and write case study
  • Create compelling visuals
  • Ensure content accuracy
Jan, 2022
May, 2022
communications lead platforms programme
I am focused on the implementation of a Finance SAP S/4 HANA update, including FP&A & Intercompany & R2 Salesforce personas. My responsibilities include developing a Communications strategy, planning and delivering change communications, creating a Programme Community portal, and creating a Cartoon persona campaign. Through my work, I have successfully implemented the Finance SAP S/4 HANA update, improved FP&A & Intercompany & R2 Salesforce personas, developed effective change communications, and created an engaging Cartoon persona campaign.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing Communications strategy
  • Planning & delivering change communications
  • Creating Programme Community portal
  • Creating Cartoon persona campaign
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully implemented Finance SAP S/4 HANA update
  • Improved FP&A & Intercompany & R2 Salesforce personas
  • Developed effective change communications
  • Created engaging Cartoon persona campaign
Jul, 2021
Sep, 2021
communications lead transformation programme
Change transformation
My job responsibilities include developing a communications strategy, planning and delivering change engagement communications, creating a Programme Community portal, and producing content for the Leadership Team. Through my work, I have achieved improved communication efficiency, enhanced engagement experience, increased collaboration, and developed an effective portal.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Develop communications strategy
  • Plan & deliver change engagement
  • Create Programme Community portal
  • Produce content for Leadership Team
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved communication efficiency
  • Enhanced engagement experience
  • Increased collaboration
  • Developed effective portal
Oct, 2018
Apr, 2020
communications lead finance transformation
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Financial Services
As a Communications Lead in a Finance Transformation Programme, which includes SAP S/4 HANA and Organisation Design TOM. My primary responsibilities include creating a communications strategy, delivering launch/change engagement communications, stakeholder & employee engagement, and creating a Programme Community portal. I have achieved an innovative Programme Community portal that has become a company standard, organised a Finance conference for the CFO, and created various communications collateral.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating communications strategy
  • Delivering launch/change engagement
  • Stakeholder & employee engagement
  • Creating a Programme Community portal
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Innovative Programme Community portal
  • Company standard content
  • Finance conference for CFO
  • Various communications collateral
May, 2017
Sep, 2018
communications lead technology and solutions
Technology Solutions
My main responsibilities include delivering an innovative campaign to migrate 20,000 mobile devices across EE, developing a communications strategy and plan to deliver a payroll upgrade programme, creating a new IT function Intranet site using SharePoint 2013 and utilising Yammer, and programme communications and launch to employees of a new IT Service Management tool. My major achievements include successfully migrating 20,000 mobile devices, delivering the payroll upgrade programme, establishing the new IT Intranet site, and successfully launching the IT Service Management tool.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Delivering mobile device migration
  • Developing payroll upgrade plan
  • Creating IT Intranet site
  • Launching IT Service Management tool
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully migrated 20,000 mobile devices
  • Delivered payroll upgrade programme
  • Established new IT Intranet site
  • Successfully launched IT Service Management tool
Feb, 2016
Jan, 2017
communications lead is transformation
IT Transformation
I have been responsible for developing and delivering communications strategies for three complex IT change programmes. I have created a programme identity and produced communications materials, including microsites, collateral, videos, and content. I have also worked with key stakeholders to ensure employees were engaged in the change programme. My additional projects included developing and delivering a new IS Intranet site, an IS employee internal communications channel, supporting a conference and the senior management team.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developing communications strategy
  • Creating programme identity
  • Producing communications materials
  • Engaging employees in change
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created microsite and collateral
  • Developed IS Intranet site
  • Delivered IS employee channel
  • Supported conference and senior team
Mar, 2015
Jul, 2015
global communications lead
As a Global Communications Lead, I am responsible for launching the 'Digital Employee Programme' to employees in the FMCG industry. My key responsibilities include creating the vision, communications strategy and collateral for this crucial initiative, launching a suite of Apps for employees utilising a Digital Employee SharePoint microsite, creating supporting material including videos, posters and incentive, helping to manage risk and issues and championing the programme internally, and managing agencies and liaising with colleagues globally on a variety of elements. I have successfully launched the programme, developed effective collateral, ensured programme success, and managed agencies and colleagues. Utilising key communications channels, I have ensured programme success.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Creating vision and strategy
  • Launching Apps and microsite
  • Creating supporting material
  • Managing risk and issues
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully launched programme
  • Developed effective collateral
  • Ensured programme success
  • Managed agencies and colleagues