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About me

I am a highly experienced Production Manager and Programmer with 12 years of work experience, 7 of which have been in management roles. My expertise lies in developing efficient and effective production and ICT systems. I am highly organized and have a proven track record of successful project management.

Project Management SQL
Jan, 2019
Oct, 2016
Jun, 2023
qa lead/business anaylst
Quality Assurance
As a QA Lead/Business Analyst, I am responsible for defining and documenting requirements, managing testing processes, ensuring the quality of the product, and analysing and reporting on performance. I have achieved success in developing test automation frameworks, optimising test coverage, identifying and fixing system bugs, and conducting user acceptance tests.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Define and document requirements
  • Manage testing processes
  • Ensure the quality of the product
  • Analyze and report on performance
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed test automation frameworks
  • Optimized test coverage
  • Identified and fixed system bugs
  • Conducted user acceptance tests
Jan, 2016
Dec, 2019
senior qa engineer in hong kong and india
QA Testing
As a Senior QA Engineer, I was responsible for assisting UAT and Production testing at end user site in UAE, coordinating live testing activities and working in collaboration with the Operation team for issue verification and providing swift solutions for TOS. I worked with stake holders to ensure that the quality metrics is reviewed, closed and agreed upon. I created milestones, checkpoints and set measurable criteria to check the quality on timely basis. I was responsible for investigating and analysing document software defects using a bug tracking system, identifying areas of improvement, monitoring risks, and reporting defects to software developers. Additionally, I actively participated in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, and identifying potential risks or challenges. Lastly, I was responsible for managing Knowledge Transfer (KT) sessions in functional training for new team members as well as stack holders.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Coordinate live testing
  • Set measurable criteria
  • Analyze software defects
  • Participate in product design reviews
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Ensure quality metrics
  • Develop & implement standards
  • Analyze client requirements
  • Manage Knowledge Transfer
Mar, 2016
Aug, 2016
quality assurance
Software Testing
The job role involves developing testing programs to address software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, or usability. Utilising JIRA to complete bug reports and communicate key challenge and risk to clients and stakeholders is also part of the job. Additionally, executing test cases along with manual testing techniques to check the functionality of Android and IOS mobile applications and preparing test and user manual documentation are also included in the job responsibilities.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed testing programs
  • Utilised JIRA to complete bug reports
  • Executed test cases
  • Prepared test and user manual documentation
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved exceptional project skills
  • Contributed significantly to project tasks
  • Checked the functionality of mobile applications
  • Communicated key challenge and risk to clients
Jul, 2015
Nov, 2015
Software Engineering
Working as n Engineer my project was Home Automation (Honeywell). My responsibilities include developing comprehensive testing programs, documenting software defects, creating test plans and cases, and developing and applying testing processes. I have achieved estimating, prioritising, and planning, designing, developing and executing automation scripts, identifying, recording and documenting bugs, and tracking quality assurance metrics.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed testing programs
  • Documented software defects
  • Created test plans and cases
  • Developed and applied testing processes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Estimated, prioritized and planned
  • Designed, developed and executed automation scripts
  • Identified, recorded and documented bugs
  • Tracked quality assurance metrics
Dec, 2013
Apr, 2015
senior process associate
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Banking and Financial Services
As a Senior Process Associate, I worked with Citibank Ireland stack holder for FX product, planning test schedules and strategies in accordance with project scope and delivery dates. I was also responsible for new joiner training for BFSI domain, and completed Regression Testing process of application using existing manual testing scenarios and UAT, creating and reviewing test cases based on specific business & functional requirement including Swift MT's, BACS and Wire payments.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Planned test schedules
  • New joiner training
  • Regression Testing
  • Created and reviewed test cases
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Met project scope and delivery dates
  • Successfully completed UAT
  • Improved FX product
  • Ensured Swift MT's accuracy
Oct, 2011
Dec, 2013
software tester
Software Testing
I am a software tester, with responsibilities including addressing software requirements, executing test cases, evaluating test results, and preparing reports. My achievements include understanding product requirements, providing input on requirements, contributing in design reviews, and reporting to the design team. I have interacted with clients to understand product requirements.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Addressed software requirements
  • Executed test cases
  • Evaluated test results
  • Prepared reports
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Understood product requirements
  • Provided input on requirements
  • Contributed in design reviews
  • Reported to design team