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About me

I am a professionally qualified end to end project manager with the ability to successfully apply structured project standards and methodologies. I have successfully planned and executed multiple projects within large scale TOM programmes and SME organisations.

I communicate well at all levels, from C-Suite to end user. My roles often involve representing my customers when implementing 3rd party COTS packages which have included green field installations but more often moving from legacy applications to SaaS platforms.

I have led work streams inside large Target Operating Model programmes and as a SME within smaller companies.

Experienced in managing risk, maintaining project deadlines and budgets, and training end users. I have the ability to devise and implement coherent project strategies, and identify opportunities to improve internal processes.

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Jul, 2022
Mar, 2023
project manager contract
Project management
Embedded into the Enterprise PMO team, responsible for HR projects and a Customer Excellence project. My key contributions and successes include the successful delivery of a customer excellence framework project and HR project, as well as five key system implementations, including business change activities and interfacing into the business information system. Platforms included e Learning, Performance Management, Talent Management, Customer Surveys & Net Promotor Scoring tool and Customer Feedback tool.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Delivery of customer excellence framework project
  • Delivery of HR project
  • Implementation of 5 key systems
  • Business change activities and interfacing with business information system
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful delivery of customer excellence framework project
  • Successful delivery of HR project
  • 5 key system implementations
  • Interfacing into the business information system
Sep, 2021
Jan, 2022
project manager contract
Time and Attendance
As a Project Manager, I was responsible for leading the successful implementation of a new time and attendance system, driven through the Company's Contract Management System, TemplaCMS, across the TenonFM business. My key responsibilities included documenting the project scope, planning the project implementation, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, and reviewing key applications to ensure they are operating efficiently. Through my efforts, I was able to transfer 1,700 employees from MS Excel timesheets to automated scheduling and payroll applications, as well as provide recommendations to the business backed by cost benefits analysis, which were implemented as agreed.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Documenting project scope
  • Planning project implementation
  • Liaising with stakeholders
  • Reviewing applications
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Transferred 1,700 employees
  • Automated scheduling and payroll
  • Provided cost benefit analysis
  • Implemented recommendations
Jul, 2021
Oct, 2021
auditor contract
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Healthcare Security
Responsible for leading a small team auditing security teams in DHSC Managed Quarantine Service Hotels. My main responsibilities included ensuring compliance with DHSC Covid standard operating procedures, completing audit reports and planning audit visits. During my tenure, I successfully executed audits, identified process gaps, implemented corrective actions and provided training to staff.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Ensuring compliance with DHSC Covid SOPs
  • Completing audit reports
  • Planning audit visits
  • Leading a small team
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Executed audits
  • Identified process gaps
  • Implemented corrective actions
  • Provided training to staff
Jul, 2019
Apr, 2020
project manager contract
Facilities management services
Project Manager responsible for all aspects of project leadership and delivery, providing Subject Matter Expertise to a leading facilities management services provider. My key contributions and successes included full remit for full project lifecycle delivery, introducing an absence management module and increasing take up of a staff engagement module, undertaking data gathering, analysis and data migrations from 'on prem' applications to the cloud, accelerating migration of 4,500+ employees from paper-based timesheets to the SaaS solution, implementing new telephone, biometric and smart devices to facilitate employee clock in and out, and realising business benefits, reducing management admin hours and improving existing processes. I also successfully delivered training to a team of 10 super users, and 250 managers and supervisors.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Full remit for project lifecycle delivery
  • Introducing absence management module
  • Increasing take up of staff engagement module
  • Data gathering, analysis and migrations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Migrating 4,500+ employees to SaaS
  • Implementing new telephone, biometric & smart devices
  • Realizing business benefits, reducing admin hours
  • Delivering training to 10 super users & 250 managers
Apr, 2019
Jul, 2019
project manager contract
Software products
Responsible for all aspects of project leadership and delivery, effectively providing project expertise services for the Team Software products. Acted as a ‘trusted advisor’, including problem solving and remediation activity for the recruitment and onboarding, (PDC, PASS) modules, instrumental in creating a stronger client vendor relationship. Boosted the employee take-up rate of the engagement portal and mobile app usage, leading to a reduction in management administration time and improved employee satisfaction levels.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide project expertise services
  • Act as trusted advisor
  • Boost employee take-up rate
  • Reduce management administration time
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Improved client vendor relationship
  • Increased employee satisfaction levels
  • Reduced management administration time
  • Increased engagement portal and mobile app usage
Dec, 2018
Apr, 2019
project manager contract
Software Solutions
As a Project Manager, I was responsible for all aspects of project leadership and delivery, spearheading a successful Team Software Timegate migration from a virtual private server (VPS) to a SaaS-based cloud solution. I oversaw project management throughout the lifecycle, covering planning, governance & status reporting. My key contributions and successes included championing the deployment of a mobile app which allowed employees to clock in and out of work, successfully designing and running process workshops for end users, carrying out desktop testing, and performing data analysis, preparing for migration and leading the transition from VPS to the new platform.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Overseeing project management throughout lifecycle
  • Championing deployment of mobile app
  • Designing and running process workshops
  • Carrying out desktop testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully migrating from VPS to SaaS cloud
  • Employees able to clock in and out of work
  • Performing data analysis and preparing for migration
  • Leading transition from VPS to new platform
Jun, 2016
Oct, 2018
project manager contract
Project Manager responsible for all aspects of project leadership and delivery on a major TOM programme, providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for an innovative new SaaS platform. My key deliverables include migrating 18,000 staff from a non-IT based timesheet to a digital solution, introducing new features such as absence management entitlements, travel time, recruitment & onboarding tools, and supporting ongoing interface planning and the successful introduction of new payroll export files. I have also documented 40+ knowledge transfer documents and led the knowledge transfer to the BAU teams, as well as deployed the Incident Management application.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Migrating 18,000 staff to a digital solution
  • Introducing new features such as absence management entitlements
  • Documenting 40+ knowledge transfer documents
  • Deploying Incident Management application
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful migration of 18,000 staff
  • Successful introduction of new payroll export files
  • Successful knowledge transfer to BAU teams
  • Successful deployment of Incident Management application
Nov, 2008
Jun, 2016
group projects manager
Group Projects
Group Projects Manager responsible for spearheading the successful implementation of a portfolio of key projects, including IT developments and contract mobilisation initiatives for Axis Group. I have successfully developed and embedded a project lifecycle management, promoting best practice delivery. I have also been instrumental in the identification and introduction of a government-funded employment scheme, recruiting 27 NEETS successfully as FTEs, resulting in increased revenue and providing employment to young people.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Spearheading successful project implementation
  • Developing and embedding project lifecycle management
  • Identifying and introducing government-funded employment scheme
  • Recruiting NEETS as FTEs
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Promoting best practice delivery
  • Increased revenue
  • Providing employment to young people
  • Successful recruitment of 27 NEETS