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About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology and Procurement and Warehouse Management specialist with 20 years of work experience, 9 of which in management. I have a proven track record of success and I am confident in my ability to provide excellent service.

Agile Project Management Risk Management Conflict Resolution Leadership
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Jun, 2023
reach project manager
As a Reach project manager, I am responsible for leading the project and ensuring the alignment of Suppliers and parts supplied for Airbus, in accordance with Europe environmental and industrial EU Reach initiative. I identified the impact to the business and people, getting all parties both supplier and business ready for change, and handling any resistance to the upcoming change. I monitored and controlled the progress and highlighted any need for deviation to allow the smooth transition of the change process. I identified and registered the risks around the industrial compliance within the various EU Aircraft programmes and Suppliers. I drove and monitored the timescales that had been set by the Reach governing body to ensure the programme was on track. I lead and facilitated discussions with senior stakeholders within Airbus and 10+ suppliers and generated and maintained documentation to allow the successful tracking of supplier Reach change plans.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Align Suppliers and parts
  • Handle resistance to change
  • Monitor industrial compliance
  • Lead stakeholders discussions
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Smooth transition of change process
  • EU Reach initiative compliance
  • Timely completion of programme
  • Successful tracking of supplier Reach plans
Jan, 2023
Apr, 2023
senior project manager
Defence contractor
As a Senior Project Manager, I was responsible for leading project management, creating proposals and project documentation, leading and chairing project meetings, directing daily tasks, managing customer requirements and researching and executing the project scope.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Lead project management
  • Create proposals & documentation
  • Lead & chair project meetings
  • Direct daily tasks
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Renewed & upgraded contracts
  • Managed customer requirements
  • Researched project scope
  • Executed project tasks
Jul, 2022
Dec, 2022
senior project manager
As a Senior Project Manager, I have been tasked with bringing programmes back in line with set schedules. I have created a Gold Standard software development team to assist in the bespoke software creation, and highlighted the need and implemented change of an agile approach in to ongoing projects aligning progress with completion and business processes. I have managed the purchasing of High and Low frequency radio equipment from international suppliers, dealing with logistical problems due to political atmospherics. I have also planned the implementation of all new radios as well as creating the disposal of all equipment with radioactive parts. Additionally, I have purchased and planned the installation of new antenna systems over heights of 15m as well as their disposal plan.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Bringing programmes back on schedule
  • Creating software development team
  • Implementing agile approach
  • Managing radio equipment procurement
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created Gold Standard team
  • Established agile approach
  • Installed antenna systems
  • Procured radio equipment
Aug, 2022
Dec, 2022
senior project manager
Aerospace Engineering
As a Senior Project Manager, I was selected to lead the programme for the creation of an aviation Airworthiness Engineering Tool for the MOD's Air fleet. I managed the resource changes, chaired meetings with stakeholders, created all project documentation, and implemented governance at project level. I also created the change request of resource leaving and the requirement for additional SMEs, led the requested Technical Options and the revised requirements revision, and lead the RFI creation request for industry.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managed resource changes
  • Chaired meetings
  • Created project documentation
  • Implemented governance
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created aviation tool
  • Negotiated resource changes
  • Managed stakeholder meetings
  • Revised requirements
Jun, 2021
Sep, 2021
growth project manager
Logistics provider
As a Growth Project Manager, I have secured £80 million plus investment, planned and created the project plan for Huboo's fulfilment expansion into the EU consisting of 10+ countries, supported the build and set up of the new warehouse, identified, created and implemented new processes within the warehouses, identified, created and implemented managerial team processes and structure changes, managed inbound correspondence from VC's and 3rd parties, and created, maintained, and standardised business operations that helped reduce cost and effectively manage resources.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Secured £80m investment
  • Planned EU expansion
  • Created warehouse processes
  • Implemented managerial changes
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created investment pack
  • Defined investment requirements
  • Provided reports on meetings
  • Reduced costs and managed resources
Jan, 2020
Jan, 2021
project manager
As a Project Manager, I have managed up to 5 different projects with budgets in excess of £1 million, facilitated the digital upgrade to the on-board Paper bag and controlled the governance processes within projects. I have also developed business with new and existing clients, chaired regular progress meetings and updates, planned the infrastructure upgrade of two international locations and generated meetings in line with build and health and safety regulations.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing projects and budgets
  • Facilitating digital upgrades
  • Controlling governance processes
  • Developing business
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Digital upgrade to on-board Paper bag
  • Infrastructure upgrade of two international locations
  • Generating meetings in line with build regulations
  • Regular progress meetings and updates
Jan, 2018
Nov, 2019
project manager
Project Management
As a Project Manager, I have managed up to ten projects and programmes with individual budgets up to and in excess of £500,000. I have liaised with clients to update them on stages of work and chaired regular progress meetings and updates for external stakeholders and contributors. I have also prepared project performance reports and project progression updates, developed business with new and existing clients, facilitated meetings, support, advice and pitched to win new business. I have led projects in the Government, Commercial, Education and Defence sectors.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Manage projects/programmes
  • Liaise with clients
  • Chair progress meetings
  • Prepare project reports
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed business with clients
  • Pitched to win new business
  • Led projects in various sectors
  • Facilitated meetings and support
Jan, 2002
Dec, 2018
senior project manager
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Organisational Training
I worked for an organisation of 2000 plus employees. My main responsibilities were designing and delivering communication training courses, ensuring the continuity of personnel training and re-training, creating training packages for the organisation, and managing the day-to-day activities of training teams. I achieved higher pass rates on communication courses, created key milestones and performance indicators for all courses, and delivered objectives to strict deadlines and service level agreements.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Designed communication training courses
  • Continuity of personnel training
  • Created training packages
  • Managed training teams
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Higher pass rates on courses
  • Created key milestones
  • Tracked performance indicators
  • Delivered objectives to deadlines
Jan, 2013
Dec, 2018
senior project manager
As a Senior Project Manager, I have led and mentored communications personnel, implemented the successful deployment of a complex software upgrade for the unit's radio and data systems, collaborated with senior teams to plan and budget for specialized projects, and mitigated operational risks while reporting progress to senior staff in line with KPI's. I have been responsible for other members of the team, and have assessed delivery of results, cost savings and efficient working environments.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Mentored communications personnel
  • Deployed complex software upgrade
  • Planned and budgeted projects
  • Managed KPI's and milestones
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful software upgrade
  • Met key milestones
  • Efficient working environment
  • Cost savings