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Data Analyst
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Business Analyst
Financial Services Financial Services Information Technology Information Technology
Data Transformation and Warehousing Data Transformation and Warehousing System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am a highly motivated and focused individual with a strong background in Financial and Insurance Services. I have 15+ years of experience in broking/analytical environment, developing valuable process models for clients and brokers, and building effective relationships by identifying key data. My expertise lies in requirements gathering, analysis and development for strategic and technology projects, conducting workshops and interviews to elicit and develop requirements, and producing documentation for new processes and procedures.

Business Analysis Data Analysis Process Improvement Problem Solving
Agile MethodologiesBusiness AnalysisBusiness Process ImprovementData AnalysisData MigrationData MiningData ProfilingData TransformationData WarehousingFinancial ReportingProblem SolvingProcess ImprovementSQLStakeholder EngagementStakeholder ManagementTeam Building
May, 2023
fhl business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Business Solutions Provider
Provided stakeholders with engagement on business delivery. Developed data glossary in collaboration with SMEs and 3rd party suppliers. Documented business needs and requirements. Delivered solutions that exceeded expectations.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Defining and building data glossary
  • Engaging stakeholders on business delivery
  • Understanding and documenting business needs
  • Collaborating with SMEs and 3rd party suppliers
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed successful solutions
  • Exceeded expectations
  • Built productive relationships
  • Delivered successful projects
Nov, 2022
May, 2023
lead business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Professional Services
The Lead Business Analyst Period contract involved building a new data stack, realigning BRDs based on new information, creating BRDs to ensure a smooth transition, and transforming Open Twins and SF data into Snowflake. The candidate was able to quickly and efficiently develop new systems and architectures, as well as effectively document changes. They also successfully managed the transition process to ensure a successful outcome.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Building new systems and architectures
  • Realigning BRDs
  • Creating BRDs
  • Transforming data
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully managed transition process
  • Developed new systems and architectures
  • Documented changes
  • Ensured successful outcome
Aug, 2021
Oct, 2022
senior business analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Strategic Leadership
Provided strategic leadership to ensure smooth transition of business requirements from Open Exposure to Sequel Impact, PPM to TEAM (Aon Tyche System). Developed BRDs, PIDs, PAS and Config Documents with users. Worked on PPM to TEAMS tool, conducted UAT, User Stories and Testing, and Reconciliation of Data.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Project Plan and Stakeholder management
  • Creating BRDs, PIDs, PAS and Config Documents
  • Working on PPM to TEAMS tool
  • Conducting UAT, User Stories and Testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully aligned business requirements across countries
  • Smooth transition of business requirements
  • UAT, User Stories and Testing completed
  • Data Reconciliation successful
Jul, 2021
Jan, 2022
product owner
Professional services
The candidate provided support to a broking house in transitioning to a technology company. They reviewed product tasks, process flow, detailed functional requirements and wireframes (mock) design. The candidate then relayed back the end to end process in a user story format to developers for production.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Managing key Middle Office Insurance tasks
  • Reviewing product tasks, process flow and detailed functional requirements
  • Wireframes (mock) design
  • Relaying back the end to end process in a user story format
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successfully supported the transition of a broking house to a technology company
  • Reviewed product tasks, process flow and detailed functional requirements
  • Produced wireframes (mock) design
  • Relayed back the end to end process in a user story format
Jul, 2020
Jul, 2021
data analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Data-driven decisions
This Data Analyst provided expertise on large datasets, analysed results using advanced Excel skills and programs such as SQL SMS and tools like Power BI and Solditaris. Created reports and presentations to enable effective data driven decisions, identified and interpreted trends or patterns in complex data, provided assurance to the organisation that expected data outcomes were true and escalated anomalies. Assisted SMEs on projects to ensure accurate outcomes.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Interpreted large datasets
  • Analysed results
  • Identified trends
  • Assisted SMEs
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Produced reports and presentations
  • Provided assurance
  • Escalated anomalies
  • Ensured accurate outcomes
Jan, 2020
Jul, 2020
data analyst
Data-driven solutions
The Business Data Analyst was responsible for gathering, analysing and developing requirements for strategic and technology projects. They had a key role in facilitating communication between internal and external parties, and developing strong relationships with business units and vendors. They were also responsible for resolving issues and escalating as needed, as well as providing comprehensive requirements analysis and outlining solution options.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Facilitate communication
  • Requirements gathering
  • Relationship development
  • Issue resolution
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Requirements analysis
  • Solution recommendations
  • Training and reference documentation
  • Project documentation
Mar, 2019
Nov, 2019
data analyst
Professional services
This Business Data Analyst provided support for the implementation of new processes and procedures, co-ordinated activities of project team members, assisted with data migration reconciliation, gathered reporting requirements and supported developers of new BI reporting tools. They helped with user support and logging issues throughout User Acceptance Testing and assisted in building reports in Tableau Prep and Tableau Reporting systems.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyse business processes
  • Support implementation
  • User support and logging
  • Gathering reporting requirements
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Identified changes to accommodate new system
  • Supported UAT
  • Data migration reconciliation
  • Built Tableau reports
Sep, 2018
Mar, 2019
data analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Risk Management Solutions
Provided comprehensive data analysis to support Hiscox's reinsurance operations. Produced whole information packs for renewal, including risk profiles, claims data, budgeted incomes, and tracking of orders. Ensured compliance with regulatory and management reporting requirements. Delivered accurate and timely results.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Producing information packs
  • Risk profiling
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Management reporting
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Generated accurate data sets
  • Created effective order tracking
  • Improved budgeting process
  • Ensured regulatory compliance
Feb, 2018
Sep, 2018
data analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Data-driven insights
This candidate provided key insights into customer and master data, maintained data sources, and analysed business needs. They built and fostered a team approach across operational functions, and simplified data summaries for distribution. They assisted internal and external sales teams in defining daily, weekly, and monthly follow up on the pipeline.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analyse business needs
  • Maintain customer and master data
  • Foster a team approach
  • Simplify data summaries
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Highlighted key accounts
  • Provided data to sales teams
  • Defined follow up on pipeline
  • Built team approach
Jun, 2017
Dec, 2017
business data analyst
Professional Services
Experienced Business Data Analyst with a proven track record in data analysis, design, testing, implementation, and post-implementation production support. Skilled in data requirements identification, reconciliation, analysis, and monitoring processes. Experienced in managing Actuarial expectations on reporting suites and process mapping.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Identify business and data requirements
  • Maintain data quality and integrity
  • Interrogate legacy databases
  • Manage Actuarial expectations
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Designed and tested defects and changes
  • Ensured data quality and integrity
  • Identified data requirements
  • Managed Actuarial expectations