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About me

I am a programmer, system developer and analyst with 4 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology field. I am passionate about my work and I strive to provide the best solutions to my clients. I enjoy learning new technologies and finding innovative ways to solve complex problems.

Problem Solving Data Modeling Analytical Thinking
Analytical ThinkingCommunicationData AnalysisData EthicsData MiningData ModelingData WarehousingDecision MakingMachine LearningProblem SolvingSQL
Jul, 2023
lead data analyst
As a Lead Data Analyst, I have achieved a 20% increase in data collection efficiency by developing and executing efficient ETL processes and data warehousing techniques, resulting in a comprehensive dataset encompassing all UK schools from the 2021 census. I also developed/ integrated custom modules and automated workflows within Zoho CRM system to enhance data management, ensure real-time updates, and enable efficient handling of records. Additionally, I have integrated an efficient data collection process from the company's website through to Zoho CRM, resulting in a 30% reduction in data collection time and a 20% increase in data accuracy. I have also enhanced decision-making and data accuracy with a 15% reduction in data processing time through Python-based data cleaning and exploration of datasets. Furthermore, I have boosted user engagement by 30% with cutting-edge deep learning and machine learning methodologies for Sentiment Analysis on online feelings diary usage.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Developed custom modules
  • Automated workflows
  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 20% increase in data collection efficiency
  • 30% reduction in data collection time
  • 15% reduction in data processing time
  • 30% boost in user engagement
Oct, 2022
Jan, 2023
artificial intelligence scholar course representative
AI Scholar
As an Artificial Intelligence Scholar Course Representative, I have been responsible for empowering political campaigns and strategists with a machine learning-based Sentiment Analysis approach, providing crucial information for healthcare professionals through Genetic Algorithm, enhancing financial security and minimizing potential losses for credit card companies and customers through the detection of Credit Card Fraud using data mining techniques, enabling informed decisions regarding property investments and pricing strategies in the real estate sector through statistical analysis to predict house prices in Melbourne, and improving data management efficiency, enhancing customer service, and streamlining business processes with the implementation and optimization of a Hotel Database System using SQL techniques.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Provide election results sentiment
  • Identify diabetes risk factors
  • Detect credit card fraud
  • Predict house prices
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Accurate prediction of election results sentiment
  • Early detection of diabetes risk factors
  • Minimized potential losses for credit card companies
  • Informed decisions for property investments
Apr, 2021
Mar, 2022
transaction platform engineer
Transaction Platform
As a Transaction Platform Engineer, I have improved overall operational efficiency by 15%, streamlined data access and decision-making resulting in a 25% increase in data querying efficiency, enhanced operational efficiency by 30%, and drove a 40% increase in data-driven decision-making. I have also achieved a 15% reduction in application bugs to ensure system reliability and enhanced user experience.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Streamlined data access
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Drove data-driven decision-making
Key achievements Key achievements
  • 15% efficiency increase
  • 25% data querying increase
  • 30% efficiency increase
  • 40% decision-making increase
Jul, 2018
Mar, 2021
application system analyst
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Transaction Platform
I am a 3 year experienced Application System Analyst who has collaborated with team members to facilitate seamless processing of approximately $100 million in annual trade volumes through the successful implementation of a novel trade banking platform in a tier 1 bank subsidiary. I have improved customer satisfaction and retention through an impressive 85% issue resolution rate for first and second-level client support to banks in Nigeria, using Fusion Banking Corporate Channel and Fusion Banking Trade Innovation applications. I have also enhanced system reliability and performance by proactively escalating and resolving core system application issues within agreed SLAs. Additionally, I have ensured smooth software transitions and managed system enhancements by collaborating with team members for deploying patch upgrades for new versions of Finastra Trade Applications.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Facilitate trade processing
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance system reliability
  • Manage system enhancements
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Successful implementation of platform
  • 85% issue resolution rate
  • Smooth software transitions
  • Smooth next-day transaction