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About me

Currently working as a Software Development Engineer in Test, with a proven ability to seamlessly adapt to new environments and excel both independently and as an effective team member.  My expertise lies in programming and web development. I am highly motivated to use my skills to help organisations succeed and reach their goals. I am a team player and I enjoy working with others to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Agile Test Automation
AgileTest Automation
Jul, 2020
cydeo - sdet
Software Development
In this role I am actively participating in Scrum Ceremonies and collaborating with the team to meet the Sprint Stories' requirements. I have created a Serenity BDD Framework from scratch and implemented the Page Object Model using Selenium WebDriver and Java. I have also created and automated Positive and Negative Test Scenarios to ensure the quality of the Web-based application, identified web elements with HTML and CSS Locators, generated Serenity Reports with screenshots and provided Functional Testing as a Cross-functional team member. Additionally, I have set up and configured Smoke and Regression Suites as Jenkins jobs hosted on AWS EC2 machine using Selenium Grid, performed automated and manual API Tests using Rest Assured Libraries and Postman, and performed Exploratory Manual Testing on multiple browsers. I have also used Jira Xray for project management, Git for version control and GitHub for remote repository.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Collaborated with team members
  • Developed Page Object Model
  • Utilised Selenium WebDriver
  • Generated Serenity Reports
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Created Serenity BDD Framework
  • Created Test Scenarios
  • Performed Automated and Manual API Tests
  • Performed Exploratory Manual Testing
Nov, 2019
Jul, 2020
test automation engineer
Test Automation
As a Test Automation Engineer, I was involved in writing and implementing Test Cases, Test Scenarios and Test Scripts in accordance with the Requirement Document. I performed Smoke, Regression and Database Tests, and participated in Scrum ceremonies such as Grooming, Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Demo and Retrospective meetings. I implemented TestNG Testing Framework using Java, Selenium WebDriver, Page Object Model and generated Extent Reports. I have utilised Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts for Framework development, Selenium WebDriver with Java in order to automate the Smoke and Regression Suites using XML Runner, Apache POI for Excel files in order to perform Data Driven Testing, Git for version control, GitHub for remote repository, and Jira XRay for project management. I generated failure reports using Extent Reports with screenshots and raised bug tickets on Jira XRay.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Writing and implementing Test Cases
  • Performing Tests
  • Participating in Scrum ceremonies
  • Framework development
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Implemented TestNG
  • Retrieved data from Database
  • Used Apache POI
  • Generated Extent Reports