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Test Analyst
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Business Analyst
Information Technology Information Technology
System Implementation System Implementation
About me

I am an experienced Information and Communication Technology specialist with 10 years of work experience. I specialise in programming and IT testing, and have a passion for creating innovative solutions to complex problems.

Agile Python Regression Testing Test Execution
AgileAzureData IntegrationPythonRegression TestingRelease ManagementSQLTest Execution
Sep, 2021
Jul, 2023
uat qa test analyst
Testing excellence
Provided comprehensive testing of RTGS applications, Financial Messaging Gateway (FMG), Financial Gateways, CODA, TLM, Control Ms, RTGS systems/applications, User Acceptance Testing, SQL application, SWIFT payment system and processes, internal portals and applications. Executed Ad-Hoc testing, Smoke testing, Test Plan, Test Cases and Test scripts creation, Performance testing, Simulation testing, End-2-End testing, Logging of defect, Re-testing of bugs/defects, Data extraction, management and filtering.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Executing System testing
  • Performing functional testing
  • Reviewing Functional Requirement Documents
  • Creating Test Plan
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Performing Performance testing
  • Carrying out Simulation testing
  • Performing End-2-End testing
  • Monitoring and re-testing of bugs/defects
Sep, 2018
Dec, 2021
enterprise applications test analyst
Professional Services
A Test Analyst with experience in automation, BDD language, QA duties, functional and non-functional requirements, security testing, data testing, end-to-end testing, integration testing, API testing and functionality testing. Experienced in WorkDay migration, ImageRight management system, Epona, SharePoint, Xactium, Active Directory and SalesForce. A strong communicator and problem solver.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Performing QA duties
  • Designing automation Test Scripts
  • Writing test scenarios
  • Performing security testing
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Resolved WorkDay issues
  • Mapped data from Finance, Payroll
  • Executed tests on reports
  • Supported post-deployment of SharePoint sites
Jun, 2017
Aug, 2018
qa/test analyst
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Software development
The candidate was responsible for developing and testing the maiden edition of the Crew-App, an application for British Airways. They liaised with the product owner to understand the application's functionalities and created an approved test strategy. They then executed functional and non-functional testing, accessibility testing, API testing, exploratory testing, and carried out functional testing on the Terminal system and payment gateway. They took ownership of logged defects and implemented different scenarios using Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD). They logged defects in the JIRA management tool and tested user stories by writing user scenarios in Feature Files.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Liaising with product owner
  • Testing software development
  • Executing functional and non-functional testing
  • Logging defects
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Developed approved test strategy
  • Performed API testing
  • Implemented BDD scenarios
  • Tested user stories
Jan, 2014
May, 2017
uat analyst
Quality assurance services
Provided quality assurance services to ensure the functionality of the Retail Trading System (RTS), Travelex SALT application, CODA software application, Proactis e-Procurement Solution, and the maiden VAT application-under-test. Analysed Business Requirement Documents, generated XBRL test data, and executed integration, back-end, functional, exploratory, smoke, regression, and API testing. Performed SQL Extract Transform Load (ETL) process using SSIS tool.
Key responsibilities Key responsibilities
  • Analysing Business Requirement Documents
  • Generating XBRL test data
  • Executing integration tests
  • Performing SQL ETL
Key achievements Key achievements
  • Executed back-end testing
  • Performed functional testing
  • Executed exploratory testing
  • Executed smoke and regression testing